Why Chris Evans thinks “it’s nice to play somebody a little more vile”

Chris Evan’s latest role is a huge departure from his nice guy act as Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since the actor put down his vibranium shield, Evans has now welcomed his villainous side with his forthcoming film, “Knives Out.”

The actor and his Knives Out castmates sat down for an interview with Variety to promote the new film at the Toronto Film Festival. There, the Hollywood star explained why he was looking forward to taking on the role of his mystery bad guy character in the movie.

“It’s nice to play somebody a little more vile,” he tells the entertainment news outlet. “I don’t always get the opportunity to play someone who’s so despicable; so yeah it’s fun.”

Indeed, Evan’s contractual obligations with Marvel really kept him from taking on a wide variety of roles for almost a decade. This time he gets to have a little more fun and show a darker side to him that would surprise his most avid Marvel fans.

Evans takes on the role of Harlan Thrombey’s grandson in the flick, described as a black sheep of the family. Thrombey is an acclaimed mystery genre novelist who dies by apparent suicide. The film’s mystery premise introduces three of the novelist’s heirs, Joni played by Toni Collette, Linda played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Walt played by Michael Shannon. The murder-mystery follows a police official (Daniel Craig) as he tries to crack down the author’s mysterious death. It premieres at this year’s TIFF.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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