When do you know it’s time to consider pest control services?

Nobody likes to have their home invaded. Particularly not by critters and creatures. While you may think that you can tolerate it, or that the problem will go away on its own, there comes a time when it is wise to consider pest control services. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that this time has arrived.

When do you know it’s time to consider pest control services?

#1 Your property is damaged

One of the key signs that you have a pest problem that is spiralling out of control is property damage. This may include furniture, household items, your walls, anything within your home that appears to have been tampered with by a pest.

This can be dangerous, particularly if the pests have chewed on something such as wiring. Pests such as termites can also be dangerous. The more they eat away at the wooden parts of your house, the more structurally unsound it can become. You should feel comfortable in your own home and safe from any potential danger. If pests have tampered with this sense of safety, it is a good sign that it is time to call pest control.

#2 You hear scratching sounds

Sometimes, property damage may go unnoticed, particularly if it is damage that is occurring in your house internally. Hearing scratching sounds in your roof, walls, around your house, and more may confirm your suspicion that you have a pest problem.

Pests such as rodents will usually have a scampering sound and this can usually be heard at night as they run around your roof. The harder sounds to spot are that of pests such as termites. If you have termites or ants in your walls, they are likely to make a rustling sound. If you are hearing these sounds, it is a good indicator that you have a growing pest problem and it is wise to call for pest control services.

#3 You see pests in and around your homeHome pest control

Perhaps the most obvious sign that you have a pest problem that is spiralling out of control, is that you physically see pests in and around your home. Even if the sightings are infrequent, seeing a pest, combined with some of the other signs listed above, confirms that they are wreaking havoc in your home.

It is known by many that, apparently, when you see one pest such as a cockroach, that means there are hundreds more that you cannot see. Even if you only occasionally see a pest in your roof or home, such as a cockroach, rodent, bed bug, or more, it is probably a good idea to contact pest control for advice and to get the problem checked out.


These are just some of the signs that you have a pest problem that requires attention. Always seek professional advice when faced with matters like this. They will be able to calmly and safely advise solutions and get the problem sorted in no time. Before long, you will be back to living in your home in peace.

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