Top dangers of pests in your home

Having pests in your home can be dangerous for a number of reasons. Not only can it be scary to face a pest infestation, it can also have genuine consequences for your home and your safety. Pest control is essential for removing this risk and allowing you to live your life comfortably. Here are some of the top dangers that pests pose to your home.

Top dangers of pests in your home

Chewing through wires

Most of the dangers surrounding pests are related to the fact that they like to chew. If their chew toy of choice is wiring in your house, this can create a very dangerous situation. As you will be aware, most wiring is covered by a plastic wrap for safety, however if a pest chews through this safety cover, the wire is left exposed.

When a wire is left exposed, you are more at risk of electrocution or even electrical fire. This can be catastrophic for you and your home. Particularly if you have children who are not aware of how dangerous these situations could be, it is essential to call a pest control company immediately if you notice any wires that have been chewed.

Chewing through foundationsDangerous pest termite home

The second danger we want to bring your attention to also involves chewing. As we said, pests love to chew, and this can mean disaster for your home. When they are not chewing wires, it is common that they will be chewing the wooden parts of your home, particularly if the pest that you are dealing with is a termite or something similar.

As pests chew the wooden foundations of your home, it gradually becomes more and more structurally unsound which is a bad sign for your home. Pest control is essential as soon as possible to avoid losing the foundations of your home.


Another thing that pests leave behind in your home is droppings. Not only is this gross and unclean to find around your property, it may also carry diseases. It is important that you do not touch droppings as you simply do not know the condition of that particular pest.

If you notice droppings in your home, it is a good idea to call pest control as soon as possible to have them remove the pests safely and advise you on how to clean up droppings.

Pests themselves

The final dangerous aspect of having pests in your home is the pests themselves! While some are harmless to people, others can be dangerous to your person. Bed bugs are an example of a pest that might go after you, causing you to itch. Any Australian knows that pests such as possums can sometimes be aggressive too.

It is important if you do see a pest that you let a professional pest control service handle it. They are the experts in dealing with the safely and efficiently.


If you have pests in your home, you may be at risk of these things. Ensure that you contact a professional service so that they can advise you on the best course of action and keep you safe throughout your encounter.

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