7 signs it’s time to call pest control

For many homeowners, keeping the house tidy and clean is a crucial chore. Sadly, despite how meticulous you perform regular cleaning, you’re likely to face a pest infestation at some point. Although most cases are minor and straightforward to manage, others can be quite challenging and require the expertise of a professional.

Pinpointing the initial signs of a potential pest infestation can make a huge difference when fixing the issue. Remember that some infestations steadily occur over time while others will surprise you with the extent of damage already present.

If you’re suspecting the presence of pests in your home, here are the tell-tale signs that it’s time to hire a pest control professional in your area:

 1. Presence of droppings

Presence of droppings

One of the clear indications of a pest problem in your home is finding droppings. When pests are around, they usually leave behind evidence. Both insects and rodents will leave droppings in areas they frequent, along with shed body parts and grease smears.

You must be careful when dealing with the droppings since some can be hazardous and require proper removal by a professional. If you want to learn about reliable pest control services, checking out Pest Ex Pest Control and others would greatly help.

2. Damage to the interiors

Damage to the interiors

Interior damage in your home might be due to rodents. Although interior damage isn’t as severe as structural damage, it’s still a potential sign of an active pest infestation in your home that requires immediate attention.

A rodent might be the culprit for causing damage to your items, including the drywall, baseboards, and furniture. Rodents can bring about severe damage to your property by chewing on the wiring, car parts, paper, clothes, furniture, and many more. Certain types of rodents utilize the scraps they obtain from various objects to build nests. Rodents such as rats can also leave marks in the kitchen when scavenging for food such as scratches or bite marks on food containers and packaging.

Certain insects cause damage by creating holes in your clothes or other fabrics. Depending on the type of pest responsible for the interior damage, you need to replace the furnishings and clothes and fix the walls.

3. Structural damage

Structural damage

Don’t hesitate to call for pest control once you spot even a minor indication of structural damage. If your house is all wood, you must be wary of termites since the material is their primary target. You’re not likely to see the termites working on the wood, but you’ll find the multiple tunnels they leave behind.

If you overlook the initial signs of termite activity, your home will likely end up with severe damage since termites multiply rapidly. A pest control professional will inspect and verify the damage and suggest a suitable treatment option.

4. Unusual odour and sounds

Unusual odour and sounds

Once you notice any scent or sound that’s unusual, it might be a sign of a pest problem in your home. In most cases, you’re likely to hear rodents as they scurry behind the walls, in crawl spaces, or the attic. In some cases, you can also hear scraping or scratching sounds, especially during the night.

Any hint of unusual scent might indicate a pest such as rodents or insects. If you notice an oil-like odour in the kitchen, it’s a clear sign of cockroaches. As for mice, they often have a urine-like ammonia odour. A musty and slightly sweet scent in the bedroom is an indication of bed bugs.

In some instances, you might even encounter undesirable odours from the droppings of pests. Rodent droppings can be unpleasant to health if you happen to inhale them. With this in mind, getting in touch with a pest control service is crucial. Additionally, when a rodent dies, you’ll notice a strong odour spreading in your home.

5. Nesting activity

Once pests infiltrate your home, they’ll call it their home too. If you discover hives or nests inside or outside your home, it’s a clear sign that they intend to stay.

Generally, you can find nests situated discreetly in concealed areas in your home where they feel safe. In most cases, you might find nests in the walls, behind appliances, in the attic, or even in crevices. Once you spot a nest, call a pest control professional. If you’re eager to know more about pest control services, watching this video can help.

6. Health and safety risk

signs it's time to call pest control

When facing a minor pest problem, you might be able to deal with it properly. Sadly, if a pest infestation gets out of hand, it can put your family and pets at risk. Some insects, such as those that sting, can put one at risk for allergic reactions, resulting in breathing difficulties. Even if a sting doesn’t trigger an allergic reaction, it can be a painful experience for both family and pets.

Rodents also pose a significant concern since they can carry various diseases, including leptospirosis, salmonella, tularaemia, and hantavirus. If your priority is the safety of your family and minimizing the chances of potential health risks, calling a pest control service right away is a good move.

7. Several failed attempts

pest control

In case your efforts to deal with the pests in your home fail to work, not just once but several times, consider it as a sign to call in a professional to handle the job. Avoid the urge to use chemical pesticides since they can put your family at risk.

Working with a pest control professional if all your efforts fail is the right move to make. Doing so will prevent the pest problem from getting out of control.


A pest problem in your home can be a potential health and safety risk for everyone. Avoid overlooking even a minor indication of pest activity since it can eventually lead to an infestation that can be challenging to manage. Once you discover any of these potential signs of pest presence in your home, make the right move by calling a pest control professional right away. Timely removal of the pest problem will help avoid health issues and keep your home safe.


Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
Samantha is the head of content, lifestyle and entrepreneurial columnist for Best in Australia. She is also a contributor to Forbes and SH. Prior to joining the Best in Au, she was a reporter and business journalist for local newspapers.
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