What regular washing and grooming does to dogs?

Dogs are a very affectionate animal. They love to lick and cuddle with their owners as their way of showing their affection. Of course, these little and simple moments are best when your four-legged friend is smelling good and clean. But aside from smelling good and clean for a better cuddle and bonding time, there are other more important reasons why they always need regular bath and groom and on the top of it all is their health and wellbeing.

Dogs generally are active creatures and though they might look fine and energetic almost all the time there are things we need to do and maintain in order for them to stay that way. As owners or dog parents we always want to give and do what is best for them because it is truly our happiness to see them well. In this article, we will learn the benefits of regular washing and grooming for our dogs.

How often should we bathe our dog?

One of the good things about our dogs is that they don’t really require a daily bath but they do need to be regularly bathed. How regular or how often is the question here.

How frequent should we bathe our dog depends on some factors and that includes the type of coat our dog has and the environment they are living in. For most dogs, once a month bath is the ideal but dogs with oily coats may need to be bathed more often than once a month.

The environment is a key factor too. If for instance there are mud puddles where you live and your dog likes rolling or playing there obviously he will be needing a bath every time he chooses to have a good time there.

Don’t bathe your dog more often than what is really necessary because it will strip off the natural oils in their coat. If you are truly uncertain about how regular you should bathe your dog, don’t hesitate to ask your dog’s veterinarian.

Essentially, take a good sniff of your dog. You will know if they need a bath.

What are the benefits of regular bathing do to dogs?

  • Removes dirt and odor

With a regular bath, dirt and odors will be removed from your dog. Bathing your dog when necessary and not prolonging and postponing it will prevent any dirt from sticking hard in their skin and coat. It will make bathing time fast and easy for you and your dog.

  • Keeps their skin and coat healthy

A regular bath is necessary to keep the skin and the coat of a dog healthy. If your dog has inflamed skin or skin diseases, regular or frequent baths will help them heal. A regular bath will also make your dog’s coat softer.

  • Monitors their health

Another important benefit of regularly bathing a dog is that this is another way to monitor their health. If there are any skin irritations or anything, regular bathing will help detect it. Even if you are the one bathing your dog or a professional, regularly bathing your dog is a good way to monitor their health.

  • Keeps them clean, healthy, and happy

Regularly bathing a dog will keep them clean and healthy and happy. A dog who is comfortable and feeling good about his body will always be an active and happy dog.

regular washing and grooming what it does to dogs
Photo: Benjamin Lehman, Pexels.

How often should we groom our dog?

“How often should I groom my dog?” As a dog owner, you might have asked that question already. Well, the answer depends. Some factors to consider are the breed of the dog, the type of coat he has, his age, his current health condition, and other factors.

What are the benefits of regular grooming?

  • Good hygiene and smell

When dogs are regularly groomed their hygiene will be maintained and unwanted odor because of poor hygiene will be prevented. Bonding time with your dog is always so much better when he is clean and smelling good.

  • Good health and condition

We are absolutely wrong if we think that grooming is only necessary so that our dogs will have a better appearance. The purpose of dog grooming is so much more than that. Regular grooming plays an important role in maintaining the good health condition of our dogs. The brushing of teeth, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and all that grooming are needed so that our dogs will always be at their best. Failure to do them when they need them can lead to our dog having an infection and other serious conditions.

  • Detection and treatment of fleas

When you bring your dog to a dog groomer they will also check for fleas and flea eggs that might be hiding in your dog’s skin and coat. All the fleas and flea eggs that will be found will surely be get rid of.

  • Early detection of skin problems and other health issues

Another main benefit of regular dog grooming is that if there are any skin problems and other health issues it will be detected early. Grooming time is not just a time for a dog to get groomed, grooming time is a time and opportunity to check and inspect dogs too.

  • Healthy and shiny coat

For a healthy and shiny coat washing and brushing is very important. Brushing will not only help remove dirt and dead skin it will also do good in making a dog’s coat shinier. Regular grooming will also get rid of any matt.

  • They will feel good and look good

When dogs are regularly groomed they will feel good and look good. Regular grooming will not only help ensure that they are in good condition it will also maintain a good appearance. Dogs are social animals. They love to go outdoors. They will surely love to always look good and cute.

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