What are the reasons behind ranking drops and how to prevent or recover it

Do you face difficulties in getting website ranking? Do you want to figure out how to get a website ranked quickly? How to boost traffic on the website? By following a good SEO strategy according to the search engine guidelines, you can easily get answers to these questions with effective results.

In some cases, people don’t take care of search engine guidelines or algorithms. Due to it, they may face drops in ranking instead of improvements. You can see two main reasons for ranking drops or related issues.

  • Penalization actions by search engine
  • Specific issues on website for ranking drops 

Getting penalized by a search engine like Google can be a big issue. In such situations, you have options to overcome but it will take time. If you are proceeding perfectly by keeping details about Google algorithms in mind, then you can prevent such bad conditions. Here, you will get information about these types of reasons and their solutions. 

Major ranking drop reasons and their solutions

#1 Competitor get ranked 

In such a case, your competitor may start putting more SEO effort and get a ranking boost in search results. Here, some want to know how to figure out such a reason behind the drop in ranking. If you find that someone else’s link or website appears on your position and your place is too low, then it means you get hit by the competitor’s website rank. 

Solution & prevention:

To handle the ranking of the website is such a condition, firstly, you should try to analyze the competitor perfectly. Competitor analysis will help you in understanding what kind of changes they made to defeat you and get ranked. For getting deep details about these factors, you should analyze the social media profiles of competitors. You have to pay attention to the following two points most importantly. 

  • Try to inspect backlinks and their type for figuring out backlink building plans. 
  • Check out the complete recently updated content 

It will be useful in breaking the SEO strategy of a competitor with ease. Consequently, you can create an effective one by which you can defeat competitors and retain your ranking position again. In case you want to prevent such situations, then try to track your competitors periodically even if you are holding a top-ranking position. It helps you in making changes in strategy according to the competitors and neutralize their new moves. 

#2 Regular loss of links 

For SEO ranking, backlinks are playing the most important role. Sometimes, the backlinks start vanishing from the internet and due to such a reason, you can see some drastic changes in the ranking. Decreasing the number of backlinks will lead to a negative impact on ranking. Many website owners are facing these types of challenges. 

Solution & prevention:

Detecting such issues is important. Here, you have to figure out the backlink drop rate regularly and try to compare it with the last 90 days. Comparison is useful in figuring out the actual dropping rate and its effectiveness. In case you detect decreasing trends consistently, then you have to find out the main reason. 

Sometimes, the backlinks are removed by the search engines intentionally and you will get notification about such actions via Google Search Console. Such actions are taken by search engine bots for unnatural or irrelevant links only. These are not good signs from the ranking and success point of view. 

In case you want to prevent such issues, then before implementing an SEO strategy and working accordingly, you should try to understand to study Google Algorithms and related details properly. Understanding such facts will provide you proper knowledge and you can create backlinks that cannot get deleted or removed. 

#3 Google flux 

Google Flux is completely unpredictable. Its effects may be at higher levels or at lower. Its bad effects will put your website in the worst conditions suddenly. The most difficult part is to detect such a problem. 

  • Google Algorithm updates 
  • Competitor issues 
  • Issues with off-page submissions 
  • Improper on-page optimization 

These can be major reasons for ranking drops. In case your website’s rank is dropping without these effects, then it is Google Flux. 

Solution & prevention:

If your website gets affected due to these reasons, then you don’t have an option of a quick recovery. In these conditions, everyone has to keep patience and try to maintain consistency in optimizations. By putting some extra effort into all these things, you can get recovered after a short time period. Carelessness may lead to worse conditions and put you in a situation where you cannot think about recovery. 

As we discussed previously, it is completely unpredictable. For prevention, you have to make sure that you are working on the website perfectly. Proceeding with a website without lacking anywhere can help you in preventing it. 

#4 Updates of algorithm 

Google always makes some updates of algorithms and implements it quickly. Mainly these types of updates are working with the improvements in the ranking system and some other factors. Whenever an update is released by Google, then there are several changes appearing in SERPs. Whenever your website ranking starts dropping, then you should try to check out updates first.

Solution & prevention:

In case, any kind of update is released by Google, then you have to study and understand it perfectly. Having complete information will assist you in turning the strategy and act accordingly. As a result, you can form a strategy accordingly and retain the ranking. 

For prevention, you have to be strict with the rules & regulations. You should take each and every step according to Google. In case you don’t find and use any loophole for success, then you never face such a situation. If you did, then you will definitely face rank drops one day due to any update for covering such loopholes. 

#5 Problem with on-page optimization 

You have to keep everything adequate on the website. On-Page Optimisation. It will be useful in keeping the website perfect from the SEO point of view and suitable for the search engines. In case your website is not properly optimized, then you may face issues with ranking. 

Solution & prevention:

By checking websites with the help of Google Search Console, you can easily get introduced to these factors. It will help you in providing complete information about the on-page issues. You have to eliminate these issues one by one. 

In case of prevention, you have to proceed with the SEO experts. An SEO expert is introduced to all these elements and can perform all types of activities in a perfect manner. 

These are some major issues that may lead to ranking drops. With it, you can get complete information about the solution and the way of prevention.


Rio Sharma
Rio Sharma
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