What are the health benefits of cycling?

The reason behind the popularity of cycling over the years is not only because the effect it has on our bodies, on muscle toning, improvement of endurance and strength levels but also the way it affects our health.

It represents one of the simplest, examples of exercising with low-risk suitable for people of all ages and cycling daily can even help battling with mental health issues. So, what are you waiting for?! The weather is perfect to hop on a bike and start pedaling.

Cycling for the normal function of the body

It is a well-known fact that human body needs physical activity to be able to function normally, and that means at least half an hour (moderate to intense) of exercising if you want a long-term health.

It is no coincidence that every gym has bicycles for cardio practices. And the best thing about cycling is that it gets you places while you’re actually working out!

Affects almost every part of the body

Unlike the general assumption that cycling helps only in toning the muscles of thighs and the calf, it is, in fact, more of an overall physical training that includes almost every muscle in your body.

It involves a lot of pedaling and your legs are doing all the work indeed but the arm muscles are also strengthening because they are needed for you to actually balance the bicycle. While riding your bicycle your abs are also lightly active.

Cycling boost energy

Riding a bicycle every day helps increase your body’s stamina and endurance levels. Your energy levels get higher which means you are in a better mood, more productive and enthusiastic at work and generally show better performance.

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You will have more energy and find it easier to deal with stress since you can cycle it away. It can be a great warm-up exercise to cycle on your way to the gym for a workout session or you can simply use it as transportation.

An eco-friendly option

Replacing your car with a bicycle will not only help you maintain your health and stay fit but it will also help save the nature around you.

You can park it wherever you want, you don’t have to spend money on gas and you can even invest in a quality folding bike and take it with you on your vacation or in the train if you commute between cities.

Improves cardiovascular function of the body

There is strong evidence showing the health of the muscles in your body is closely related to cycling because, during your ride, the heart beats faster than usual which means it pumps more blood and therefore improves cardiovascular function.

It is crucial to stay active to prolong and maintain your health and it is advised that seniors should start low-impact, low-risk workouts to improve their general well-being.

Helps in the battle against various diseases

Cycling is good as a diabetes treatment since it can be controlled by physical activity. The prevention and treatment of diabetes are crucial for your health since diabetes increases the risk of various diseases such as kidney disease, heart problems, and even stroke. Engaging in a physical activity to combat diabetes is crucial because the glucose present in the cells is actually exhausted and the one from the blood is drawn by the cells and used as the fuel for the muscles i.e. it is converted into useful energy.

It has been shown that cycling helps to manage pain. It is considered as a releasing exercise that is very important when dealing with stress, tension, and actual physical pain.

Also, cycling helps lowering the risks of cancer – people who take up moderate to high physical activity reduce various diseases including the mental health problems. Outdoor cycling as well as indoors (gym or home) are both beneficial when it comes to maintaining health and staying fit but it is much better to make some time and make it an outdoor activity.

Excellent weight loss workout

If you want to lose weight but you don’t really have time to go to the gym you should definitely start cycling every day since it is an excellent exercise for burning calories. It will help you maintain a lean body shape so you should continue with cycling as a part of your workout routine even though you’ve reached the wanted weight.

These are just some of the health benefits cycling has on your health and your body. Try to make time for a ride a day and you will quickly fall in love with results. It is advised to cycle early in the morning, on your way to work for example, since you are more likely to be more productive and feel more energized to deal with stressful work tasks.

Victoria Lim
Victoria Lim
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