Best Wedding Photographers in Perth

Below is a list of the top and leading Wedding Photographers in Perth. To help you find the best Wedding Photographers located near you in Perth, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Perth’s Best Wedding Photographers:

The top rated Wedding Photographers in Perth are:

  • Diane DeRay & Amber Simcoe – DeRay and Simcoe Photographers
  • Jason Tey – Jason Tey Photography
  • Paul Winzar – Paul Winzar Photography

DeRay and Simcoe Photographers

Diane DeRay & Amber Simcoe - DeRay & Simcoe Photographers
Diane DeRay & Amber Simcoe – DeRay & Simcoe Photographers. Source:

Diane DeRay and Amber Simcoe started their own photography business and services in 2005. They aim to provide creative photos that would remind and cherish their clients’ moments. They want their clients to take their photos as a symbol of reminiscing the old happy times. They have a photography studio located in Bulwer Street.


Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, Branding Photography


Address: 3/205 Bulwer St, Perth WA 6000
Phone: (08) 9328 6911


“Incredible photographer. Both myself and my fiance are shy in front of cameras and not the most photogenic people. But Diane really made us so comfortable actually had so much fun and our photos turned out so so amazing ! I felt pretty in photos for the first time in my life seriously. At the end, we decided to get a full album of the photos. The photos that Diane takes are speechless.Not only you look nice but full of emotions. Feel like the picture moving you can sense the emotions. The album is divine too very high end quality.Super excited to get Diane to take our photos on our big day.Thank you Diane.” – Heeji Lee

Jason Tey Photography

Jason Tey - Jason Tey Photography
Jason Tey – Jason Tey Photography. Source:

Jason Tey ventured into photography business when his wife gave birth to their eldest child. He was an engineer for more than a decade but decided to shift his career into photography. For him, it was his passion and dream to photographed couples and families as he believes that the foundation of one stable and happy family comes from the love of husband and wife to each other. His photography business serves as his mission to reunite and to strengthen all couple’s love for each other.


Pre-Wedding Photography, Wedding Photography


Phone: 0430 441 155


“Jason was recommended to us by a close friend. After our initial meeting, we knew he would be our wedding photographer. The wedding day went by like a blur, but Jason captured all the special moments and more! Looking at the photos takes us back to our special day. Thank you Jason!” – Hui Wong

Paul Winzar Photography

Paul Winzar - Paul Winzar Photography
Paul Winzar – Paul Winzar Photography. Source:

Paul Winzar has been in photography industry for more than two decades. He is an artist who is passionate to recreate photographs into a work of art. His passion on photography boosted when his wife gave birth to their daughter. With this, he commits to provide his artistic sense to all weddings and portraits he handles.


Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography


Phone: 0407 663 881


“Paul is a fine artist who uses his ability to visualise scenes to create wonderful and unique wedding photos. I think he combines the three essentials for good wedding photography.

– a relaxed attitude and sense of humour which puts the bride, groom and guests at ease

– a trained eye that captures those essential ingredients that make a wedding unique

– a folio presentation that helps the couple remember that day for a lifetime.

My advice for anybody who is looking for a wedding photography is to look at Paul’s work then talk to him to see how the chemistry works.” – Jeremy Holton


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