6 ways to have an online birthday party for your kids

Hasn’t it been long since your kids were locked inside? Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, we all have been following social distancing. Work from home and online schooling has drastically changed our lives. We rarely go out and children are mostly kept safe at home. It can be said that young kids are having a tougher time than adults.

Children deserve the fun they would otherwise have had when meeting their friends. Especially on occasions such as their birthday. It is one thing to deny them playing outside, and a different thing to deny them a birthday party. Prevention of COVID-19 spread no longer means your children would be denied all the fun in the world.

Let’s have a look at the ways you can still allow your kids to have fun on their special day while making sure they do not leave the safety of your home. After all, it is so difficult to break a child’s heart. Nobody wants to say no to a safe online birthday party.

Event planners these days provide a service to arrange online birthday parties for kids between the ages 5-12 years. These parties are normally held on Zoom and can include as many tiny tots as you would like to invite. This being an online arrangement, their parents can join in easily too. Such events last for around one hour and you can enjoy watching the kids having a birthday worth remembering.

Here are some of the ideas for an online kids’ birthday party.

6 ways to have an online birthday party for your kids

1. Online DJ party

Kids love to dance! And come to think of it, who doesn’t? Even social distancing norms and being home cannot stop us from tapping our feet to our favourite music. Why shouldn’t kids be allowed to do the same, together with their friends online? Blimey, that would be a great experience for all children.

Ask your kid their favourite songs and the DJ will play them for all to break some moves. It would be fun to watch all kids dancing to the same music, having fun, connected through the internet.

2. Kids movie trivia

If your kid is old enough to remember their favourite movies and has friends who share the same hobby, Kids Movie Trivia should be the choice of activity. This game includes asking questions about children’s movie characters, their favourite dialogues, even singing songs, and lots more. Kids love to hear about their favourite movies and being an expert at all that is asked related to them.

3. Virtual whiteboard games

Younger kids can be entertained using a whiteboard. Now that they are well acquainted with studying online (thanks to the pandemic), you can use whiteboards to play many games at an online birthday party. One of the most popular games that include using a whiteboard is Pictionary. You or any volunteering parent can draw different forms on the whiteboard, and the kids, divided into two teams can recognise it and answer accordingly.

Also, one parent can keep scores of which teams get the most rights. If the kids do not want to be divided into teams, they can answer individually, and you manage the score that way. All in all, ensure that they are having fun and do not let anyone cry for not answering right. Keep gifts for everyone.

4. Puppet show

Puppet shows are one of the classic entertainment options for kids. We all remember how Mr Squiggle made us feel. Kids these days might be interested in something like Waffles and Mochi. You can select the theme based on your child’s likes and dislikes. It is also a great option for letting kids learn something new such as how to prevent COVID-19 infection along with having fun.

5. Storytelling sessions

Name a kid who hates stories. Cannot remember one? Because younger kids are all ears when it comes to hearing a great story. If this is the choice of activity of your child, we recommend it for you. It can be as silent and peaceful as possible. You can either read a story from one of the favourite storybooks of your child or download something from the internet. You also do not have to read it on your own if you don’t like it. Playing online storytelling videos can work fine too. Kids who are into listening to stories would never forget this experience.

6. DIY creativity

If your kid is into art and creativity, this is a good opportunity to encourage all his friends to create something beautiful during an online birthday party. It can be a simple drawing, papercraft, colouring a figure, etc. Choose something easily available to all your kid’s friends, so their parents do not have a hard time arranging the required materials. This way, all children would have created something worth remembering together when they grow up.

Some people also host an online birthday party for kids on WhatsApp, google hangouts, and other forms of video conferences. The choice of a suitable platform, the games and activities to play for kids, the music and gifts, etc. all boil down to the aim of providing your little one with a birthday party full of fun. It’s all about making them smile wider.

In the end:

Whichever form of online birthday party you select for your child, make sure it is something they would love. You do not want to include any activity that your kids wouldn’t enjoy. Check all the options carefully and pick the best you think would be for your little one. If in doubt, contact an event organiser near you and they can do all the work of arranging the online party while you take care of other things on your list.

We hope your child has the best online birthday party ever!

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