Types of eyelash extension looks and styling tips every woman should know

The eyelash extension looks are in the trend for quite some time now. They tend to give a dramatic look to the eye and metamorphose a person’s entire personality. Mascaras are beautiful as well; however, the effect eyelash extensions provide cannot be achieved by mascara, and we all know that! You probably have seen pictures of eyelash extensions before and after, and evidently, it left you baffled with the outcome.  Though, there are varieties of eyelash extension designs such as the pen eye, natural eye, cat eye and the doll eye eyelash extensions. Many opt for a natural eyelash extension; however if you want to go for the doll eyelash extensions, it is cool.

Once you have picked your style, your lash artist would tell you about the length, thickness and curl type of the lashes in order to attain what you desire. For reference, you can go to Pinterest to find an eyelash extension style chart, so that you would know what your lash expert is talking about. Furthermore, eyelash extensions are pan free; all you got to do is to lie comfortably on a massage table and be relaxed. However, you have to make sure you are free the entire day as it is a good 2.5-3 hours of work. So do not make your lash artist do things in a rush.

Furthermore, to have your lashes done, you should have a little knowledge on the types of lash extension. From mink to silk to synthetic eyelashes, these have their own perks, and we are going to tell you each and everything about them:

Type of lash extension

Mink lash extension

Since the mink lash extension look so natural, clients more often get attracted towards it even more. Unlike mink lashes other lash extensions often make it seem like an artificial look, which is, by the way, is totally okay, as long as the focus is to accentuate what is naturally there. However, mink lashes give that softer and more elegant look, while providing that fuller effect simultaneously that the client requested. Because they are so thin & lightweight many clients ask their lash experts to add more of the mink lashes to their own lashes to intensify the volume of the lashes.

Silk eyelash extension

though they name it as silk in the lash industry, when in fact, this sort of lash is made up from synthetic material. Few like it natural while others do not want to go for a bold look. However, there is another category who love it something in between. For these kinds of clients, silk lash extension are a good option as they lay in between and offer a natural look that is natural however bit thicker & voluminous.

If we talk about its maintenance, silk lashes need minimal maintenance; moreover, you don’t have to take any extra precaution for your silk lash extensions while you shower, swim or play an outdoor sport. Another pro to this lash is that you don’t have to curl your lashes every day, unlike mink lashes.

Synthetic eyelash extension

when we are talking about ‘synthetic’ lashes, forget about ‘naturel.’  Synthetic lashes are all about that glam diva look with that full lash treatment; it may not sound much glamorous however the finish the quality of it is pretty high only if the products used are right and done by a professional lash expert.  Getting a synthetic lash extension is perfect when you have an occasion coming up. Though they do accentuate and completely changes your persona, these lashes can be little uncomfortable due to its extra weight, and they tend to stay for a little period than the lighter & thinner lash extensions. However, these are just some minor issues if you ask us.

If you are wondering what set of style would go for your eyes as per your eyes shape, don’t worry as we are here with the guide to eyelash extension training Australia for different eye shapes. Find out what eye shape you are blessed with:

Almond eye

almond eyes aka cat eyes are recognised in the beauty benchmark as the most beautiful eye shape. This type of eye shape can carry every look possible. The form of this eye shape is upturned and broader.

Wide eyes

As the name says ‘wide eyes’, it lies farther from each other. When applying lashes on these types of eye sets, the focus is on the inner corner of the eye to concoct the impression that the eyes are closer than they are. If you want to pull off a cat eye look, it won’t be a clever idea as cat eye look tends to stress more on the outer corner of the eyes.


This type of eye set is exactly contradictory to what the wide eyes are. Close-set eyes emphasis on the outer edge of the eyes and this is where the lash experts put extensions the heaviest and the longest to lure attention away from the inner corners of the eyes.


This type of eye could be stressful for few when it is about eyelash extension. If the lashes applied wrongly, they could be overemphasised and seem more downturned and drag the whole face with it. The only way to conceal the downturned aspect is by lifting the eyes; using a firmer curl at the outer ends, also placing the extensions as little as possible for the initial part of the outer corners would make sure that the downturned eye shape is not intensified. The focus shall be amid the beginning o the iris and pupil looking straight upfront.

Small eyes

This set of eyes often linked with hooded eyes. Small eye types can seem even smaller when they are paired with heavy lashes. You need to use a strong curl and focus on the midsection of the eye.

Hooded eyes

If you use heavy eyelashes on this type of eye set chances are your eyes may seem smaller than they are. To open them up, use much stronger curl and accentuate the mid part of the eyes.

So, did you find out what eye type you’re blessed with?

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