Try some of these Instagram-inspired beauty looks

There are so many weird and wonderful beauty trends running around the internet these days, with something to suit every look. We’ve gathered some of the most recent and the best for your enjoyment.

Yellow eyeshadow

Conjuring up happy memories of Sesame Street and summer days, yellow’s all-round good vibes makes it the perfect colour to wear on your face. No matter the season, a pop of bright yellow eyeshadow will make you feel as fab as you look.

Mulled wine hair

Choosing a hair colour is possibly one of the hardest decisions a person ever has to make. How do you choose between pastel purple, ash blonde and chocolate brown? The solution: change hair colours often and try out all of them. Mulled wine is no longer just a delicious Scandinavian beverage – it’s also a gorgeous hair colour! This rich, warm look is perfect for the colder months.

Crystal eye makeup

Putting tiny crystals on your face may seem like a weird thing to do, but when it turns out as good as this, it makes sense. The glittery, pretty look is a great way to glitz up a party or cocktail outfit and really stand out.

Prismatic hair

This works amazing on light or white hair – the kaleidoscopic colours are unusual yet stunning. If you’re after a radically different look, skip the regular rainbow look and go for this. Expect double takes.

Garden eyebrows


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garden eyebrows are THE LOOK this spring 🌷😂 #taylor #taylorr #gardeneyebrows #spring #makeup

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Channel your inner wild-child – garden eyebrows are now a thing. Decorate your ‘brows with little flowers or leaves and mess them up for a more natural look. Bonus points if you dye your eyebrows green.

Holographic lips

Perfect for aspiring astronauts, the holographic lip is out of this world. Shiny, glossy, translucent, with a hint of rainbow – this is some totally dreamy artistry.

Galaxy sunset

This makeup artist went viral last year with her radiant, galaxy sunset inspired look. The rainbow highlights combined with glitter work to an almost galactic effect. It’s soft, shiny and beautiful. Make sure you apply it properly for the best look.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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