Beginner’s guide to the 10 step Korean skincare routine

We have all heard about this global phenomenon before – the culturally grounded 10 step skincare routine that has been hailed the reason why so many Koreans boast flawless and glass-like skin. Beauty bloggers from all over the globe have trialled and tested it to success, not only for transforming their skin, but for creating a therapeutic and indulgent night time regimen.

You probably wanted to try it at one stage, but it may have seemed too overwhelming to get started. In fact, it is not about how many products you can pile on your face, but rather using the right products, that do the right thing, used in the right order. Moreover, not all the products are used daily, but rather implemented in the routine whenever your skin calls for it. We have compiled the perfect guide for getting started down below.

  1. Begin a double cleanse with an oil cleanser to remove make-up.
  2. Then use a water-based cleanser. Cleansing twice is recommended by aestheticians and dermatologists because it will remove any leftover impurities that the first cleanser did not pick up.
  3. Exfoliate to clean out clogged pore and remove dead skin cells. This will help to reveal brighter skin underneath. Exfoliation is recommended three times a week, however if you have sensitive skin, once a week will be sufficient.
  4. After cleansing and exfoliating, your skin can be quite dehydrated. So use a toner to help prepare the skin to effectively absorb the moisturisers that will follow up.
  5. Next use an essence to help with hydration.
  6. Boosters, serums and ampoules are the ultimate skin perfectors packed with incredible ingredients. This is suitable for treating pigmentation and problem areas.
  7. Sheet mask are essential in K-beauty. Wear them weekly to give your skin a boost in absorbing nutrients and moisture.
  8. Use eye cream depending on your under-eye condition. From dark circles to fine lines, there is an eye cream for all.
  9. Finally we have reached our moisturisers. This step is to lock in all the moisture you have fed back to your skin. Remember hydration is key to supple and dewy skin.
  10. Don’t forget sunscreen! You should always wear sunscreen, even if you will be inside for most of the day as it will help prevent premature aging from any damaging UV rays.

It has been said that Korean skincare routines are about pampering and taking care of yourself, and we definitely agree.

Annie Li
Annie Li
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