Trump denies sexual assault claims

Donald Trump has responded to a woman who claims he sexually assaulted her at Trump Tower saying that he would never be foolish enough to do such a thing with so many security cameras around.

Thirty-five year old Rachel Crooks has publicly told her story numerous times over the years in an attempt to reveal who the real Donald Trump is.

Most recently she told her story to the Washington Post who put her picture on the front page with the title “Is anyone listening?’

When Ms Crooks was twenty two, she was working as a receptionist in the New York Trump Tower for a business located on the 24th floor. She would regularly see Mr Trump as he took the elevator up to his residence.

She said that she was aware that the company she worked for did business with Mr Trump so she built up the courage to talk to him one day and introduce herself. She says that he almost immediately began kissing her without consent.

Ms Crooks said that he didn’t stop kissing her on the cheek and was constantly talking between kisses “asking where I was from, or if I wanted to be a model” before saying that he “started kissing me on the lips.”

She said that it felt like it was a long kiss and that the whole event lasted two minutes or potentially a little less.

In response, the President tweeted overnight, “who would do this in a public space with live security” having previously stated that he did not know the woman and that the Washington Post was simply selling fake news, highlighting his typical arrogance.

Mr Trump did get one key detail wrong, however, saying in his tweet that no one would do such a thing in the lobby of Trump Tower. Ms Crooks, though, has said that the event supposedly happened on the 24th floor of Mr Trump’s building.

Rachel Crooks responded to Trump’s tweet by calling him a liar and challenging him to share the footage from “the 24th floor…on the morning of January 11, 2006”.

This isn’t the only time that Crooks has publicly told her story having announced it previously at rallies, press conferences and to media giants CNN and the New York Times.

The most compelling facts relating to Ms Crooks’ story are the emails sent to relatives in the days following the incident.

One of the emails was to her mother on the same day saying that her day had started off “rough” and that she had “a weird incident with Mr Trump”. She also emailed her sister saying “the Donald kiss…a very creepy man”.

Both of these emails highlight a lack of political motive for the public announcement having been sent years before Trump began any political interest.

In total, nineteen women have accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment at some point and the President has denied all of the allegations. It adds to the long list of accusations and arrogant claims made towards and by the US President, respectively.



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