TransLink application derails with numerous bad reviews

The TransLink application frequently used by Queensland commuters has been in hot water for the last month as hundreds of users leave the app with a low rating after a recent update. Since then the rating score of the software on the Google store has plummeted.

Most of the complaints are focused around the horrendous usability of the public transport tracking software. Reviews cite that the app crashes routinely, crashes users’ phones, has a unusable search functionality and would not correctly save favourite trips.

Customers seem united in their message to software developers, demanding that the app revert to its pervious, functioning version.  The Google version of the app was updated on December 12 and the Apple version of the app was updated on December 20.

On the Google Play store, there are nearly 700 1 star reviews with new ones coming in daily. The app now has an average rating of 2.6 out of 5 on the play store.

Many reviews expressed their displeasure with the apparent focus on the look of the app over its functionality, with the visual upgrade proving meaningless if the app itself doesn’t work. Many cited the updated user interface as “unfriendly”, “horrible” and “counter intuitive”.

Other reviews talked about how the app was displaying information that was either totally inaccurate or displayed in a useless way. One user reported the app showing them a journey as only taking 3 minutes when the desktop website showed 40 minutes.

Many were extremely frustrated when the app appeared to not only be useless, but affecting the rest of their phone. Many reviews talked about the app crashing their entire phone, causing them to resort to a force restart. Other reviews cited that the app was slowing down the overall performance of their phone.

The MyTransLink app has gotten an overall worse score of 1.7 out of 5. However there have been fewer reviews posted about that version of the app.

A TransLink spokesperson responded to the criticism by stating that future updates would fix all of user’s complaints and said that many features were actually received positively. They said that they were “aware of concerns”, referring to the wave of negative feedback on the app page.

The spokesperson went on to say that TransLink was monitoring feedback through digital channels and their call centre. They said that they would continue to improve the apps functionality and “address key issues”.

They also said that they “appreciate customer’s patience” throughout an update process they said would take time. The spokesperson cited the “interactive map and vehicle tracking” as getting positive feedback.

TransLink seemed to encourage users to continue sending in their opinions on the new app. This news follows a recent issues where customers could not see if buses were running on schedule during peak hour times.

The poor performance of the TransLink app is not making life any more exciting for Brisbane commuters. They might be envious of their Sydney counterparts who recently saw a wallaby hopping across the Sydney Habour Bridge.

Katherine Mouradian
Katherine Mouradian
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