Lost wallaby hops his way over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Daily commuters in the Sydney area have been stuck with the question of how to get into the city in the morning. The public transport was chaotic yesterday, leading many individuals to drive into the city instead.

But this seemed to be the worse option all due to one very lost wallaby as he hopped his way into the CBD around 5am on this morning and across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The male adult wallaby was suspected to have commenced his journey onto the bridge from the golf course in Cammeray. Traffic on the bridge was slowed to 40km/h with many commuters concerned for an accident that may have occurred.

To their surprise, the delay was caused from a police escorted marsupial to make sure that he made his journey into the city unharmed. Sydney commuters called in local radio stations to report the “accident” on the bridge before realising the true situation.

Many of these commuters and media hosts were stunned to hear of the animal so close to city. The wallaby gained a lot of notoriety from all the major morning shows and radio stations before many of us were even awake.

Video: @nswpoliceforce, Facebook

According to a police spokeswoman, the wallaby had started in lane eight of the bridge before cutting off drivers to make a swift exit along Cahill Expressway. He then turned down Macquarie Street heading for the Sydney Conservation of Music.

It took five officers to get a hold of the lost hopping commuter outside of the Sydney Conservation of Music. Fearing that the marsupial had been injured by a car due to the state of distress it was in, officers rushed to Taronga Zoo to get a veterinary assessment.

Senior veterinarian Larry Vogelnest of the Taronga Wildlife Hospital did the extensive check-up on the wallaby. As it was under a lot of stress it was administered anaesthesia so that the tests were done without causing harm.

Luckily the extents of the injuries were only a few minor grazes to the face and the hind legs. All that distress the wallaby was experiencing must’ve just been from trying to remain calm while crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in peak hour traffic.

After a full x-ray coming back fine and all major injuries ruled out, the wallaby was given the all clear. It will remain and be monitored in the hospital’s intensive care unit for the next 24 hours before later being released into the bushland where other swamp wallabies habitat the area.

Daniel Baguley
Daniel Baguley
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