Top tips from professional locksmiths to burglar-proof your home

Who better to advise you on home security than professional locksmiths who’ve helped Australians with comprehensive residential and commercial security solutions. Apart from unlocking your doors, locksmiths are also experts at identifying the potential security threats to a property and coming up with effective solutions to neutralise them.

This summer, before you go on vacation, take a few minutes to consider these tips from a professional locksmith to fortify your home’s security.

Tips for better home security

Tips from professional locksmiths to improve your home’s safety & security.

Put deadlocks on your doors and windows

Deadlocks are difficult for locksmiths to open, let alone thieves. They are a standard that insurance and real estate companies will insist upon to secure a property.

Always leave the key to the deadlock in the lock when you’re inside your home. This way, in the event of a fire, you can easily get out of your home or unit.

Consider installing lights activated by a timer

More thieves patrol neighbourhoods than police men and police women do. They look for homes that are in darkness, making them easy targets.

Having lights that automatically switch on at 8pm and stay on for a few hours using a timer can give the impression of someone being home, which can prevent a burglary or break in.

Avoid giving details of holiday plans on social media

If your social media account is unlocked, you can give away more information than is necessary.

Posting plane tickets or itineraries is unnecessary and can make you a target for harassment by social trolls (who are out to steal your dignity) and thieves (who are out to steal anything you haven’t bolted to the floorboards in your home).

Consider motion sensors on your front and back lawns

The last thing thieves will want to do is break out into song or dance when the lights come on.

Motion sensors are a great way to dissuade miscreants from causing trouble. If there’s one thing we all know burglars hate, it’s being in the spotlight.

They’re not very expensive. You can buy a pair yourself from Bunning’s Warehouse or get a professional locksmith (most are good electricians too) to buy and install them in your home for you.

Think about investing in surveillance cameras

surveillance cameras
Photo: Pexels, Pixabay

Many surveillance cameras are smartphone enabled. They connect to your phone and allow you to view your home should motion sensors pick up any disturbance in or around it. Of course, sometimes, this disturbance will be a rodent. Despite this, they are an investment which will give you peace of mind and the security that comes with it.

If there are any suspicious activities around your house, a surveillance camera will provide you with evidence of it, and you can then contact the Police on your mobile phone and have a unit sent to your residence to make sure it is ok.

Most burglars are looking for vulnerable homes that are soft targets. If a house looks like it has a high-level of security in place, chances are that they will give it a pass and focus on another house.

The most popular items stolen from Australian homes

Cameras • Televisions • Radios and CDs • Kitchen goods • Computers • Office equipment • Musical instruments • Gaming consoles • All garden and power tools • Bicycles

What should you do?

Take down details of expensive luxury items like those listed above in a diary and store them securely. Should there be a break in, don’t hesitate to report it to Police with your diary of product details. Today, police databases are connected with pawn shops – so if anyone tries to sell your goods to them, you will be immediately notified of the fact.

Enjoy your holiday

A few simple tips and tricks are all it takes to keep your home safe from thieves this Summer! So, before you leave for vacation, it would be a good idea to find a locksmith near you and have your home fortified against burglars and potential miscreants.

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