Top 6 myths related to a Shopify eCommerce store

Digital is the new normal, we all are living by, and there are enough magnificent ingredients included in this journey, enabling different businesses to allure their targeted audiences with the right punch of trends and technologies.

No wonder, in this run, the incredible value of e-commerce has reaped massive attention from users and brands alike. And amid this journey, Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms to trust further. Today, Shopify is the proven e-commerce platform that is used by Millions of store owners across the globe to increase their customer base and get a hold of the merchant products. Despite having plenty of benefits associated with this very platform, there are many speculations that rise in the market and are regarded as misconceptions.

If you too have some confusion in your mind, then this post is here for you, that will sail you through several myths that are there, but have no logic behind them. So let’s get on the journey to find more about the myths related to Shopify and debunk them with the proven logic.

Why Shopify has gained attention?

Before we move further, I just wanted to give a succinct introduction to you that why choosing Shopify would be proven beneficial. So you must know that there is a lot much available in the market that shouts aloud for the e-commerce purpose, yet Shopify holds the worth and catches the attention of merchants. This is all due to the fact because this very platform has got to offer free banners in abundance, that is mesmerizing enough to capture the attention of your targeted user base and trigger them further to avail of the incredible offers and discounts.

Due to its incredible functionality, it has been a chosen platform by millions of brands out there, who promote and market their offerings through this and grab the attention of the customers effortlessly. Now the million-dollar question comes, that why still some merchants are double-minded while using its services. And the credit goes to the misconceptions.

Just like any other platform or technology, there is some misconception that needs to be killed before they destroy your dream concept of having a spectacular e-commerce platform with Shopify.

Are you willing to know what they are? Curious to know more????

Keep reading!

Myth #1

Security is compromised in Shopify

The concern of security around your Shopify app or platform is very logical, as there can be hacking attempts that may steal your data and break your image in the public. Here, you need to understand that unlike other e-commerce platforms Shopify is not at all vulnerable to security threats. It lets you work on the required servers that further ensure security hassles to be managed effortlessly during the peak shopping hours even. It has got a valid set of compliances and certificates that lead to improved customer security at par with excellence.

Myth #2

Limited options with Shopify

With Shopify, you get multiple options to make easy and comforting shopping stores, that give them a lot much to perform. You get a plethora of plug-ins (free & paid options) enabling you to create a standard quality e-commerce platform. Further, you get the option of creating banners to attract users’ attention, which is free of cost, that can further be used in your website to showcase discount, Sale and Free shipping, letting users shop from your store.

Myth #3

Shopify isn’t economical

Shopify is expensive???

Nope, it is a cold-blooded myth, that made me burst into laughter as well. There are affordable plans that charge you as low as $13 per month, with a social media shop to regulate the shopping through social media. Then there are other plans also which have all the bells to grant your requirements.

Myth #4

Shopify is not competitive at all

Let’s digest the fact that businesses today are facing the brunt of competition, as there is not just one but multiple options serving the same industry and business concepts. Hence calling Shopify sans competent vibes, is a wrong thing to say. There are obstacles and challenges while building an app like Shopify, as you need to offer something different and unique to your users, and trust me it is not as easy as your brisk walk in the morning. 

Myth #5

Manually it is hard to set-up a Shopify store 

Shopify is an e-commerce platform, hence gaining the knowledge of technical stuff that helps you build the platform, is much required. But it doesn’t mean that it will need rocket science information to accomplish your tasks. You don’t need to be a tech-geek to bring your e-commerce platform into existence. There are multiple tutorials and documents that are available for your convenience to bring you a closer look at the development journey.

And no prize for guessing but it eases down the road for you to build a scalable e-commerce app solution.

Myth #6

SEO suffers hugely with Shopify in practice

Gimme a break, how can this even be considered as a myth, as there is no logic behind it. SEO plays a crucial role in making your eCommerce store successful, and Shopify very much gets involved with the SEO practices as it consists of user-friendly site architecture, sitemap, tags, and much more, that enables requirements to be addressed through the website ranking.

Final thoughts

The era of technology has brought us to a digital curve where accessing any services through the means of technology is no more a challenge. The misconceptions mentioned herewith must have given you a clear vision of picking the right services. 

With this hope that you would no more be troubled by the bubble of the myth, I sign- off for today, but till my next blog keep watching this space to kick-start your digital journey with mesmerizing ecommerce apps.

Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith
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