Top 10 Netflix movies and shows according to Netflix

Last Wednesday Netflix revealed that Stranger Things Season 3 had a whopping 64 million viewers right after its premiere last July 4 when they released their third quarter earnings for this year. Netflix has been skittish about revealing data in the past, but ever since unveiling their numbers last fall, they have been more open in presenting their viewership numbers and how it is calculated and doled out.

The way Netflix does this is that any subscriber that watches 70% of a single episode of a show in the streaming platform will count as a ‘viewer’ of that specific show. Meaning if that person watches the pilot episode of a show and decides to discontinue bringing it they will still count. The same goes for films that they carry. With that said, if you watch 70% of El Camino, congratulations! You are now part of that movie’s viewership count. The data collection of Netflix has been deemed sketchy by some people in the past, especially from the creators who use their platform to promote their work. But while Netflix has been slowly disclosing numbers for the popular shows and films, they have yet to do this for all of their content.

As 2019 slowly winds down and Netflix now having presented their viewership numbers (at least the ones they wanted to disclose anyway) for most of 2019, the New York Times released their list of top tens of what Netflix presents as their best movies and shows right now.


Stranger Things (64 million)

Umbrella Academy (45 million)

La Casa de Papel (44 million)

You (40 million)

Sex Education (40 million)

Our Planet (33 million)

Unbelievable (32 million)

Dead to Me (30 million)

When They See Us (25 million)

Elite (20 million)

Stranger Things topping the list is far from surprising since it has been a staple for Netflix for a couple years now. Umbrella Academy on the other hand might get an opportunity to inch its way closer to the number one spot if the show’s viewership continues to rise.

The list also shows that the international market for the stream service provider is going strong with shows like Elite and La Casa de Papel being in the short list of top shows.


Bird Box (80 million)

Murder Mystery (73 million)

Triple Frontier (52 million)

The Perfect Date (48 million)

Tall Girl (41 million)

The Highwaymen (40 million)

Secret Obsession (40 million)

Always Be My Maybe (32 million)

Otherhood (29 million)

Fyre (20 million)

Last winter’s sleeper hit Bird Box topped the chart, with the Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston-led comedy Murder Mystery taking second place. The list also hinted that Netflix seems to be pushing for more rom-com movies as films like Always Be My Maybe and Tall Girl had a good showing for the streaming site as well.


Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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