6 tools and gadgets to use for your next fishing adventure

Fishing is indeed an enjoyable and wonderful pastime you can do alone, with your family, or friends. But dedicated anglers nowadays don’t only go out and catch fish for fun, but also to compete. This activity is called sports fishing, and it’s different from commercial fishing which is done for profit.

People who are into sports fishing use tools and gadgets for this type of activity. In the old days, fishers only used simple tools. But, as the technology advances, they now have high-tech gadgets for more effective fishing. If you want to know what are the modern tools and gadgets use for fishing today, read on below.

6 fishing gadgets and equipment for beginners:

1. Fish finder

Fishfinder echolot fishing sonar at the boat
Photo: FedBul, BS

With the technological advances that we are enjoying nowadays, you’ll find it less difficult to locate fish in the water. Take, for instance, the cutting-edge fish finders that you can see in a lot of sports fishing competition in your area.

Fish finders are small gadgets that take advantage of Sound Navigation and Ranging or SONAR technology to find objects underneath and around a sea vessel. It also comes with a Global Positioning System or GPS.

The top brand that specialises in high-tech sports fishing equipment today is Garmin, and one of their most-bought products are fish finders. You can have a look at their Garmin page if you want to buy a fish finder for your next fishing adventure.  

2. Fishing line

Fishing line
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One of the standard tools that you should have when going fishing is the fishing line. The fishing line is a cord that fishers use in casting their hook and bait far out into the water. In the past, people make do with just a simple string to catch their fishes. But, for proper angling, you can now find specially-designed fishing lines to do your task more efficiently.

Of course, your fishing line should match to the type of fish that you want to catch. As there are small, medium, and large fishes in the water, you need to have a fishing line that will be able to handle the size and weight of the fish that you’re targeting. When buying a fishing line, you should look for the elasticity and visibility of the tool.

3. Fishing rod

Fishing rod
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The fishing rod is an extended, slender, flexible tool use for catching fish. This tool is what you need to cast your fishing line further into the water.  There are different types of fishing rods that you can use for a particular kind of fishing expedition. They’re made of fibreglass or graphite.

When you’re shopping for fishing rods, you should make sure to check its elasticity, strength, responsiveness, and its taper.

4. Fishing reel

Fishing reel
Photo: Gwiseman, Pexels

Now that you have a fishing rod and a fishing line, now is the time to look for a fishing reel. Typically, the three tools come in a package when you buy them at a sports fishing equipment shop. But you can also purchase them separately if you’re too meticulous with the equipment that you’ll use.

A fishing reel is a tool that enables you to pull in your catch or reel the line for another casting of the hook and bait. You can find the reel at the base or around the handle of the pole.

5. Fish hook

Fish hook
Photo: Jmbaugh, Pixabay

The hook is the thing that will snag the fish so you can pull it in using your fishing reel. The hook is specially-designed to skewer the fish’s mouth as it bites the bait. If your catch doesn’t escape off the hook, you can move around your fishing rod until the fish loses strength. Then, you can pull it in using the reel or net it.

There are different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials of fish hooks for a particular type of fish.

6. Weights and floats

Weights and floats
Photo: Voy, BS

The floats are an essential tool for you to determine the location and depth of your fish hook after you cast it into the water. The weight, on the other hand, will allow the hook to sink further into the bottom of the water for you to catch the fishes in there. You need these items for effective fishing.


There are tools and gadgets that you need to use for sports fishing. These items will allow you to locate and catch more fishes in your fishing adventure. If you want to know what are the basic tools and gadgets that anglers used for sports fishing, the list above will be a good start for that purpose.

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