Tom Holland’s impromptu acting lesson with Tom Hanks is “stressful”

While many young actors would find it the chance of a lifetime to receive acting lessons from Tom Hanks, Tom Holland considers it stressful.

The Spider-Man star was caught off guard during an impromptu session with the two-time Oscar winner during a sit-down interview. The two made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show along with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jake Gyllenhaal.

In the show, Hanks put Holland on the spot telling him to say the line “Coffee, coffee! Boy, do I need more coffee.” At first, the MCU star seemed bewildered as he looked at the audience but quickly got in on the “repetition” exercise. Holland complied to the veteran actor’s request saying “Yes, Tom Hanks.” in a bit of a panic. See the video below:

Even under pressure, Holland managed to impress the veteran actor and even earned a complement from Hanks. Prior to this, the acting legend was dishing details on how it’s like during voice recording sessions for his iconic animated character, Woody.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight last Monday, Holland admitted that “It was really stressful” to act opposite the veteran actor. Even if it was just exchanging the same lines over and over again. Regarding the experience, Holland said:

“No one actually told me that that was going to happen. And when Tom Hanks — the legend that he is — asks you to step up, you better step up!”

And indeed, the Spider-Man: Far From Home definitely gave an impressive performance. The now-viral segment of the interview has amused fans of both Toy Story 4 and the MCU.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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