7 tips to choose the perfect wedding venue

Your wedding day is a monumental milestone in your life, there is a lot of expectation and build up leading up to the wedding, but the bottom line is that you want to have a memorable and enjoyable experience yourself and for your guests.

Choosing a wedding venue is a vitally important task in the planning of your wedding, as it will be the setting and backdrop of the big day, this decision will influence many other aspects of your wedding. Here are 7 tips to help you choose the perfect wedding venue for your special day, one that reflects your style and is the perfect backdrop for your memorable day.

7 tips to choose the perfect wedding venue

1. Consider the number of guests

First thing’s first, you want to take into account the number of guests you’ll be inviting. Remember to factor in children, extended family, friends, work colleagues. The number of guests will greatly impact the venue options available to you.

Generally speaking, larger weddings with more guests are likely to cost more, but more on that later.

2. Decide on the wedding style

Most couples want a small, intimate wedding with lots of romance and elegance, such as a country fair wedding, but even weddings with more of a formal feel, such as a restaurant-type wedding, can give you the special and unique wedding you have always dreamed of.

Visit bridal shows and work out what you and your partner like. Look at some pictures of local venues and decide what will work for you. Your florist will give you ideas about how you can incorporate your chosen theme with the wedding flowers. They may even be able to give you ideas that you haven’t even thought of yet!

3. Consider the budgetTips for wedding venue choice

Choosing a wedding venue doesn’t have to break the bank. Wedding services often have an exuberant price tag, more so than if the same service was used for a party of another kind. Many couples save up for years for their wedding, and you should feel very proud of yourself for accomplishing this, however, unless your budget is huge, you should never feel pressure to spend money you don’t have. Keep in mind that perhaps the most important thing is that your venue works within your budget, because this will be the most expensive element of your wedding.

If you find a wedding venue that you fall in love with but is slightly over your budget, consider changing the date of your wedding to a mid-week wedding. A lot of wedding venues charge a premium for the desired Saturday and Sunday wedding days, if you are open to a mid-week wedding, you could choose a more expensive venue and reduce the cost by this simple change.

4. Consider the time of year

If you live in a warm climate or your wedding day will be in the summer, then it is best to choose an indoor venue or an outdoor location that allows you to set up a tent or marquee to keep out the heat and allow for your guests to enjoy the outdoors as well.

The main point here is that you want to create the conditions wherein your guests feel comfortable the entire day, from ceremony to reception.

5. Consider the travel distance

Be sure to think about how far your wedding venue is from where you live. For example, if you are from Auckland and the venue is 3 hours away, you may not want to be driving for 3 hours on your wedding day, so it’s a wise idea to choose a venue that is either near your home or you need to organise accommodation nearby.

6. Consider plan b locations for outdoor weddingsWedding venue choose perfect one

Your venue can be just as significant as the day itself, so be sure to select a site that has a romantic, dreamy, yet personal feel to it. What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? Do you want a casual wedding, or a formal affair? If you’re planning an outdoor wedding be sure to choose a venue that offers a plan B location in case the weather is not cooperative.

Where possible, choose a location that has a significant meaning or memory for your couple, or one that you can go back to and visit in years to come, thereby making it a special place for your couple.

7. Consider the food

If you’re the kind of bride who religiously sticks to her diet all the time, then the question wedding catering might not be a top priority for you. On the other hand, if you’re a bit of a foodie, choosing a venue which serves delicious food may be one of the most important aspects of your wedding, remember that people always remember the food because it affects them directly.

Some venues also provide catering, whilst many others have partnerships with 3rd party caterers, others yet are very flexible and allow any professional catering company to provide food at the venue. If you’re after a particular dish or cuisine make sure you express this when making an enquiry at the venue. Self-catering is also an option however we recommend delegating as much of the task as possible to ensure a smooth and stress-free day.


Deciding where to get married is a big decision and it will play a significant role in the shaping your wedding day and experience. Wedding venues are considered key to the wedding day and choosing the right one is important to ensure that you get the perfect day and can fully enjoy your special day.

Your wedding venue should be special and the atmosphere, from the décor to the food, should be memorable and enjoyable for yourself as well as your guests.

A avid lover of colour, flowers, and the natural world, Monica works as a wedding florist in Auckland NZ. She loves experimenting with new edgy new styles and techniques. When not working with wedding flowers she loves spending time with family and friends at the beach or in nature.
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