Things every homeowner should know about home improvement

Of course, while it is always recommended to leave major renovation projects up to the professionals, some occasional minor repairs such as faucet leaks and occasional maintenance work would be necessary to keep your homes in tiptop shape.

After all, you cannot leave every single aspect in home maintenance for the professionals to do as not only would this be impractical, it is not financially feasible as well.

In this regard, it is imperative that every homeowner should be armed with the essential home improvement skills should the need arise.

In this regard, you would not need to have a repairman or even a maintenance personnel to be at your beck and call for every single thing that goes awry in your homes–whether you happen to live in a condo in Makati or elsewhere.

Unclogging a toilet

You might have state of the art plumbing systems yet for the life of you, you would never be able to escape the possibility of having a clogged toilet. Fortunately, they are rather easy to fix.

All you would need is a pair of rubber gloves, a bucket, an auger and a bucket. Should there be any danger of overflowing, then shut the water supply using the valve behind the toilet. If a plunger does not work, use an auger.

Clear out the gutter

Every once in a while, you would need to clear and clear out your gutter–preferably a couple of times in a year. This is to prevent ice dams from forming and to prevent pests. Leaves can be manually removed with your hands or with a leaf-blower, wet-dry vacuum or a garden hose.

Fixing drips

A dripping faucet is not only a waste of valuable water resource, but it can potentially rack up your water bill as well–not to mention they sound incredibly annoying at night. They are rather easy to fix requiring only a little elbow grease and a know-how.

Initially, you would need to turn off the water and then stop the drain with a rag–a contingency for when you lose any small parts in dismantling a faucet.

Compression faucets would just generally need a rubber washer to seal the valve. Drippy washer less faucets on the other hand can be plugged up with a simple O-ring.

Hardwood floor care

Without a doubt, homes with hardwood floors still remain as a classic and until today, they look as sophisticated and elegant as ever. However, constant care and maintenance are required in order to ensure that these floors stay gleaming.

Keeping them that way can be easily done only by using products designed for hardwood as other cleansers can be too harsh and cause damage on the wood. Moreover, a damp cloth works like magic on spills — however, be careful not to use too much water or you might damage the wood.

Floors that require a little more work should be vacuumed more frequently using a hardwood attachment to grab the dust from between the crevices.

Replacing a shower head

While replacing a shower head is a home improvement easily overlooked (considering most homeowners see it as something insignificant), it does have an overall big impact. Luckily, changing a shower head is fairly straightforward.

All you would need to do is to remove the existing shower head and then, lay a thread seal tape at the base of the shower arm before you begin screwing the new one in place. Remember not to fasten it too tightly and replace the shower arm if you wish as they are often sold separately.

Katheryn Gumba
Katheryn Gumba
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