Upcoming K-Dramas that you should watch out for on Netflix

Netflix and South Korean broadcasting and subscription company JTBC just inked a new multi-year deal last November that leads to the partnership streaming JTBC’s popular primetime Korean dramas across the globe.

This new partnership allows Netflix and JTBC to co-develop and produce the global phenomenon that is K-Dramas while optimizing JTBC’s future shows on an international scale. A bunch of upcoming K-Dramas will be available on the streaming platform soon that will bolster the growing number of Netflix Original content and we’ve listed down some of the Netflix Originals and JTBC dramas that you shouldn’t miss this 2020.

Kingdom: Season 2

A fresh new take on the zombie genre, Kingdom was a fan-favorite last year that blew viewers’ minds. Kingdom is an excellent show with a fine mixture of horror and storytelling that almost none of the past zombie-themed shows had to save the first few seasons of The Walking Dead. Fans had been waiting for the second season to drop and they will be stoked to know that Season 2 will drop this month of March.

The School Nurse Files

The School Nurse Files follows Ahn Eun Young, a nurse teacher that sidelines as an exorcist. Her supernatural gifts allow her to see spirits and at the same time vanquish them if need be. The series has been stuck in dev limbo for a long time since its announcement back in December of 2018. The series is based on Chung Serang’s award-winning novel of the same title.



Extracurricular is a show about teenagers and the events that happen during their time in school. It follows a student named Ji Soo who is socially inept as he traverses his school life while befriending a girl named Kyuri. The series will also focus on the struggles and temptations a student faces in life. Netflix has yet to release a premiere date for the series.

Itaewon Class (JTBC Drama)

Okay, lemme see if I got this right… Park Sae Roy is a transferee to a new high school and gets in trouble for hitting Jang Geun Won who was making fun of a fellow student. Jang Geun Won’s dad, Jang Dae Hee is a CEO of a restaurant chain called Jagga and the boss of Park Sae Roy’s dad who gets fired after his son refuses to apologize for hitting the bully. Park Sae Roy is expelled and his father dies because of Jang Geun Won and serves time in prison because he severely beats Jang Geun Won for the death of his father. He then decides to take matters in his own hands and seeks revenge against the Jagga corporation by opening his own restaurant to oppose them. I swear, this is going to be good; it sounds complicated but K-Dramas has a way to untie each story up as the show unfolds.

Did We Love?

No Ae Jung is a single mom who works as a film producer. She’s been unlucky in the relationship department, being single for fourteen years until she comes across four guys who have unique characteristics and personalities of their own. There’s a bad boy, a pessimistic rich dude, a seductive guy, and a young and charismatic man, all of whom will try to vie for her affection. This is kinda using the prototypical high school anime storyline but in real life. The show will premiere in the summer of this year.


If the Weather is Nice, I Will Come Find You

Fall in love with Hae Won, a kind and happy girl who has shut down her heart to anyone. She is a cello prodigy which helped her social life greatly. Despite this, she has suffered numerous heartbreak which led her to close her heart for others. After moving back to her hometown, Hae Won comes across Eun Seop, a book shop owner who blogs and drinks coffee all day, minding his own business.

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Alain Ang
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