All you need to know about Netflix’s new Top Ten feature

The last week of February saw Netflix release their newest feature that the streaming giant has been testing in select regions before launching it.

The new Top 10 feature for their licensed shows and Netflix originals has been appearing more and more to a lot of user accounts. In a blog posted on its website, Netflix discussed briefly its new ‘Top’ feature.

According to the blog written by Netflix Product Innovation representative Cameron Johnson, top tens have been a very popular and steady staple for people to know what’s the best and hottest whether it be books, movies, or television shows, thus the Netflix Top 10.

Netflix further explained that this new feature has its own special unique design that will enable subscribers to see the most popular films and television shows in your country/region. This new Top 10 feature will also be updated daily and the ranking will determine the position of a movie or TV show depending on how it’s doing and how relevant the content is to a specific and unique viewer.

Aside from the general Top 10 list, Netflix subscribers will also be able to see the top movies or television shows when you navigate and click on their respective tabs. Another cool feature is that films and TV shows that make it to the lists will have a special badge wherever the content appears on the app or website, whether a user browses through by genre or their personal list, the badge will show up.

The blog also states that the streaming giant is constantly looking for different ways in making their product better and that they have been experimenting with the feature in select countries like Mexico and the United Kingdom at the back end of 2019. According to Netflix, users from both regions have found the new feature very useful, thus the reason why they have finally made the feature available to everyone.

Netflix has had issues in the past with its interface for not being really user-friendly but the concept of a top ten list does alleviate some of their problems at least a little bit. We still need to see how this plays out especially with the daily updates that they have mentioned per country.

This is a clever way for the streaming giant to further promote their original content by recommending them in a more efficient way. By showing users the top ten movies or series for that day, Netflix maneuvers its subscribers into watching content that they wouldn’t perhaps watch normally.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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