What you need to know about the Sunrise Cash Cow

The Sunrise Cash Cow is part of the Sunrise show that airs on Channel 7 every Monday to Friday between 5:30am and 9am AEST/AEDT. There is one winner on the show every day with a total of 124 prize winners throughout the promotion in the year 2019.

If the winner does not answer the call in 3 rings, the jackpot of $10,000 for the day is passed on to the next day and this continues until the day’s winner answers the call.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Sunrise Cash Cow competition:

Who is eligible to win prize money from the Sunrise Cash Cow?

To be eligible for the prize money, viewers must meet certain conditions, which are:

  • They must watch Sunrise every morning to get the daily code word. They then need to call the number provided or SMS the code word with their full name, state, contact number and address to enter.
  • Viewers can use any of the 124 code words provided on Sunrise throughout the promotion to be eligible.
  • Australian residents who are at least 18 years can enter the competition.
  • They must be in a place where Channel 7 signal is available.

Employees of the Channel 7 network, along with the families, cannot enter the cash cow promotion. People who work in agencies or companies affiliated to the promotion are not eligible either.

How much does it cost to enter the Sunrise Cash Cow competition?

Viewers have multiple options to enter the competition by entering the daily code word and their contact information.

  • They can call 1902 55 77 07 at a cost of $0.55 for fixed lines (mobiles will cost extra)
  • They can SMS the code word to 19 777 077 with an entry charge of $0.55.
  • They can use their smartphones to lock on to the Sunrise website and click on cash cow before selecting between different options (One entry at $0.55, Two entries at $1.05, Five entries for $2.50, 15 entries for $7 or 20 entries for $9)
  • Any entry made via a smartphone will be charged based on the viewer’s selection.

Viewers should keep in mind that premium services are not available with all telephone providers. It’s best to confirm this with your provider before entering the promotion.

Viewers can enter the promotion as often as they want, but they can win only once. Residents of South Australia are the exception to this rule where they may win more than once.

What happens in the competition?

In order to participate in the competition, viewers must understand what happens and agree to certain conditions. Here are some things you should know about the Sunrise Cash Cow promotion:

  • Every winner receives a minimum of $10,000 on the day or the jackpot amount available if previous day winners haven’t answered their phones in time.
  • If a winner fails to answer their call within the first 3 rings, they will receive a token amount of $500 and the prize money will go to the next day’s caller.
  • Once a winner claims the prize money by answering their phone, they will be paid a cheque.
  • When a viewer agrees to participate in the promotion, they accept all editorial requirements related to the competition – including interviews, photography and more. The network is allowed to use this footage across all media around the world without any fee.
  • Winners cannot provide their story or sell any photographs to another organisation in conflict with the Channel 7 network.
  • Winners may have to sign legal forms as determined by the promoter.
  • An entry may be deemed invalid if it is discovered that the winner did not adhere to all the terms and conditions set out by the promoter.

If there is any unclaimed jackpot value at the end of the competition, a final draw will be undertaken consisting of all non-winning entrants. The winners of the final jackpot can only win up to $10,000 each. The total number of winners is dependent on the remaining jackpot value.

All winners are notified within 2 days of undertaking the draw via phone call. A letter will also be mailed out to them. Their names will also be published in The Australian in the ‘public notices’ section. It’s important to note that the decision of the promoter is final and there can be no disputes regarding the winners.

How does the Channel 7 Network handle participant data?

When you agree to participate in the Sunrise Cash Cow competition, you agree to the network’s privacy policy. Here are some things to consider:

  • The promoter network reserves the right to hold the entry details of every participant, including personal information for the purpose of the competition. This includes identifying winners and studying viewership demographics.
  • The network will handle all personal data based on the privacy policy of the channel. This contains information about how personal information can be accessed, corrected and complained about if necessary.
  • The network may choose to disclose personal data of entrants to its business partners, related entities and external service providers for profiling and research purposes.
  • Anyone who participates in the competition agrees to this privacy policy and to the network using personal data to send relevant programs, services and products available through them and their business partners.
  • In some instances, the network will send personal data to business partners who may choose to communicate directly with participants.

Participant data is only shared within the network and its partners. But the network offers participants the option to opt out of any communication should they wish to do so.

How does the winning call work from Channel 7?

There are specific conditions regarding how winners answer the call in the morning on the show. The hosts, along with the sunrise cash cow, announce that they are about to call the winner. Here are the conditions of the call:

  • Winners must pick up the telephone call within 3 rings to claim their prize money otherwise they will have to forfeit it and will only receive $500 as consolation. The forfeited jackpot will be carried over for the next day’s pool.
  • Any winner is contacted on the telephone number provided with their entry.
  • If someone else answers the phone (not the winner), the hosts of the show have the discretion to decide whether to award the money to the winner or not.
  • If the call goes to an answering machine or voicemail, the entry is deemed invalid and the winner will not receive the prize money.
  • The hosts try to call the Cash Cow winner between 5.30am and 9am AEST. There is nothing in particular that needs to be said but winners must answer within 3 rings.

Winners may be subject to tax implications based on their personal circumstances, so it’s always advisable to seek financial assistance from a tax expert in case of a win.

When is the promotion drawn?

The promotion winner is drawn every weekday evening around 4.40pm AEST/AEDT from a pool of entries across the country. Once the winner is picked the previous evening, Sunrise hosts call the person the following morning. The entrant must personally answer the phone within the first 3 rings to win the prize money.

The Cash Cow promotion is only on Sunrise on weekdays and not on weekends. You can register at any time using the code word given every day between Monday and Friday. There are no code words given on the weekend.

Can the competition be cancelled?

The Channel 7 network reserves the right to cancel the promotion in the event of certain issues that prevents the ability to proceed on certain dates or even during an extended timeframe. Some of these issues include:

  • Vandalism
  • Natural disasters like floods and earthquakes
  • Power failures
  • Civil unrests
  • Wars
  • Strikes
  • Terrorist activities

In the event of any of these or similar situations, the network may cancel the promotion and recommence it under the same conditions at another more convenient time. In case of any error, interruption, delay in transmission or failure of any communications line, Channel 7 and its affiliates claim no liability or responsibility.

Disqualification of entrants or individuals association with the competition

In some cases, the promotion may not be able to run as planned. This could be due to a number of reasons. If an entrant or any individual is found committing any of these issues, then the network reserves the right to disqualify entrants, cancel the competition and take any other reasonable action. Some of these issues include but are not limited to:

  • Tampering
  • Fraud and deceptions
  • Technical failures
  • Unauthorised interferences

If there is a problem with the entry process or any entrant attempts to join the competition in a fraudulent manner, the network will use its discretion to disqualify the individual or even cancel or modify the competition.

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