Kemajl Bajraktari provides chauffeured cars to and from Geneva, Switzerland

Kemajl Bajraktari is from Eons, a company based in Geneva that provides drivers and cars for business, events and deliveries.

They can help people with luxury transfers to and from Geneva, travelling around Switzerland, urgent deliveries and premium events such as weddings. They also provide drivers for cars that their customers have organised on their own.

Kemajl, how did you get involved in chauffeuring?

I have always wanted to be a prestige driver, my father was a taxi driver and so was my grandfather.

I have always been attracted to cars, driving and human contact.

This trades is amazing, our clients are all amazing.

We have extravagant customers and others very wise and they are all exceptional in their ways.

I think this is the real human contact, the fact that you go home and have good memories with the customers I could write a book with all that I lived thanks to my clients, incredible moments.

In this business you are more than just a driver, you are with your customers in a car and links are created.

I get that from my father and my grandfather who were also taxis

What kind of training do your drivers go through?

Our drivers are all holders of the private chauffeur’s card in Geneva, they all have a virgin judicial record and have a certificate of approval of the Swiss police. Our drivers all have very special skills, I could sit Imad who is a former member of the French foreign legion or Arlind who is master graduated in international business and foreign affairs, for my part I am graduated of the academy of drivers of Paris, I am specialized in driving personality and defensive driving and high-speed offensive, during this training I spent 455 hours of course including circuit and I graduated with the highest mention “Gold”.

Our drivers regularly take advanced training and mastery of their vehicles in dangerous situations. They also follow an annual training course on snow, this training is very useful because we have the Alps and Mont Blanc 45 minutes from Geneva and many of our customers go to ski resorts. All our team is strictly controlled and must not consume alcohol 6 hours before taking service.

What kind of customers do you typically serve?

Well we have all kinds of customers, indeed we practice the same price as Swiss taxis.

We have clients like you and me, but we also have personalities, musical artists, actors, sportsmen or just very demanding people, of course you will understand that I can not divulge their identities because we are bound by an agreement of general confidentiality and pay special attention to what our customers feel comfortable with us.

We have the “protocol”, they are influential personalities in the political world or simply diplomatic missions or consulates in whom we have confidence.

there is a lot of companies that we work with and we take care of their customers, partner or simply there precious parcels.

Are different cars more suitable for different purposes?

Yes, of course, we have a fleet of vehicles adapted to all types of customers and routes. Our most used vehicles are Mercedes E-Class, Infiniti Q70S and BMW 5 Series. They are suitable for the majority of our customers and all have the highest finish. We then have Mercedes Class V, very appreciated by artistic groups or groups of tourists. We also have Tesla model S and X, we use them mainly for a journey of less than 200 km, these vehicles are often asked by curiosity of the customers or just people concerned about the ecology of the planet.

Finally, we have Mercedes class S, BMW Serie 7 and Audi A8, which are used in “Protocol” or with VIP or simply very demanding customers. The price of the races varies according to the vehicle that the customer book but the service remains the same. Therefore our customers all have access to Wi-Fi, smartphones chargers, bottles of water, tissues and treats, they can also access the Bluetooth or simply use the iPad available to them in the vehicle to listen to their music or still watch movies or series or simply surf the Internet.

How far away from Geneva can your drivers go?

Well, there is no limit.

We can go all over Europe and more, we often have races for Paris, Milano, Monaco, Luxembourg and more.

We can send two or three drivers in one car, this happens when customers ask us to transport valuable goods abroad. We can for example send drivers to deliver a watch in Turkey or Russia. These cases are rare but exist.

The customer is thus guaranteed to be delivered very quickly and with remarkable security,

In addition to having no limit we can also look for our customers abroad to bring them back to Switzerland. The only condition is that they place an order in advance and that they pay at least 50% of the race, for our long-term customers we do otherwise.To finalize your question, we have absolutely no limit, we can be deliverer, assistants or companions. That’s why we are a private services company.

What kinds of additional services do your drivers provide?

This question makes me smile.

We offer everything the customer wants. We have a lot of contact and if we cannot offer a helicopter to our client and our partner will do and the customer will always have a single interlocutor, it will be us.

The most extravagant ideas are achievable.

Audi R8, Lamborghini, Mercedes G class, with or without drivers? Have a rose bouquet or your favourite dish delivered? Send an express gift to your wife 600 km from your home, for what receive it waking up? Or just a crazy idea? An incredible idea? A motorcade for your birthday? What else? We can really do everything. Provided you are on time and have the means.

Once again, we are a private service company, but our core business remains driving.

Thank you Kemajl for sharing your thoughts with us!
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