The first bachelor Australia baby has been announced

The Bachelor is not a show known for resulting in many successful relationships; however there are exceptions to every rule. In 2016 Matty J returned to the show as the bachelor after coming second in Georgia Love’s season. After dealing with the heartbreak, he was ready to give love another shot. This is when he met Laura Byrne. Fans watched as the couple fell in love, and eventually decided to start a life together.

Reality TV relationships often have a short lifespan, but this was not the case for the bachelor 2016 winners. Fans have followed the couple avidly on social media and have shared all the milestones with them; two years on and Matty and Laura are still very much in love.

In fact, the couple recently announced that they are pregnant with their first child. Fans of the show are excited to note that this will be the first Bachelor Au baby to be born.

Those who watched the show were already aware that the marketing manager turn radio host Matty was ready to settle down and have kids. So for many, it was just a matter of time before the loved up couple tried for a baby.

Matty and Laura shared this exciting news over Instagram, with a picture of their most recent ultrasound. The soon to be parents seem equally excited and eager to share the rest of their pregnancy journey with fans.


“I’m so bad at keeping secrets so I’m EXTREMELY excited to let everyone know, we are having a little baby”

Laura posted the same photo with the caption:

“WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!Old mate @matthewdavidjohnson and I are beyond excited to finally be able to share that I’m cooking an orange sized baby Johnson-Byrne”

It isn’t just the couple that are excited about the news. Fellow Bachelor contestant and friend, Florence commented on the announcement photo, light-heartedly saying:

“Congratulations! Can’t believe you’re having a baby with the bachelor @ladyandacat”

It seems like the couple as well as their friends and family are all ecstatic about the news and can’t wait to meet the bundle of joy in a few months’ time.

Rebecca Kellett
Rebecca Kellett
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