Where can you get a good deal on refurbished iPads?

Is there anything better than an iPad? An inexpensive iPad.

Apple iPads are increasingly becoming popular to customers all over the world, yet it costs you a lot even if you go with the cheapest one. Also, in the event that you require a data connection, you will have to add some more cash to the cost. However, before you make a decision that you cannot afford such a product, you can look for some other cheaper alternatives.

So, if you’re looking to buy an iPad and you are not prepared to pay out the full price for a brand new product, look at the options for refurbished iPads. These will still allow you to use apps and offer you most of the connection you would get with a new one.

What do you mean by refurbished?

It is a typical mistaken belief that a refurbished Apple product implies that it is a formerly faulty unit that has been repaired and sold again. Indeed, this might be the situation sometimes; however, this isn’t the situation always. At times, a refurbished iPad is one that is returned by the customer to get another shade of a similar unit or even exchanged for another unit completely in the event that it is covered under the guarantee period. Refurbished iPads are also known as used iPads and have been certified to be in like-new condition before you buy them.

Things to consider when looking for a refurbished iPad

Apple certified refurbished iPads are usually delivered in many packages in comparison to a new iPad; however, refurbished components in other repair shops make use the original packaging. Make efforts to confirm that a repair facility is certified to refurbish the equipment that you are buying. Also, be careful of the deals that seem to be good but in actual fact are not what they appear to be. If possible, make sure to test the device before making a purchase or assure yourself that the seller provides a return policy. Carefully watch out for the accessories that are provided with a refurbished iPad, but get an original cable and charger.

Remember to purchase a refurbished iPad from a reputed seller as they will provide you with a reasonable guarantee on the purchase.

Where can you get refurbished iPads?

There are several websites where you can purchase a refurbished iPad. Have a look at some of the popular places:

• Apple 

Apple announced a recycling and reuse program several years ago to enable customers to recycle their old iPads. This online store provides all refurbished products directly from their own store. They offer free shipping and a 1 year warranty period. Also, you can select a product from your nearest Apple store if you like that kind of thing. In case a 1 year warranty is not adequate enough for you, your refurbished iPad qualifies for for Apple Care Protection Plan, which gets extended for 2 years.

 They thoroughly test and verify their products

 All the models that the Apple store provides comprise of a new outer shell, brand new battery and a new white box.


JEM JEM is a well-known marketplace for the great quality of products that it provides to their customers. They offer all the refurbished products with 100% functionality and at a very reasonable price. Not only this, they also provide a reasonable 90 day period of warranty.

• Amazon

There are many alternative options to the Apple store for buying a refurbished iPad. You can select to go with Amazon, an established retailer and they handle both new and refurbished sales too. Go to the website of Amazon and search for iPads. Make sure to click on that model which you want to purchase.

There is no need to worry about the product being broken during the shipment as they provide warranty.

• eBay

The other good alternative to purchase a refurbished iPad is eBay. This is the popular auction site that offers two methods to purchase an iPad:

A standard auction – This the case where you are the topmost bidder.

A ‘Buy it Now’ – This is the case when the seller puts a particular piece on the product.

When purchasing a refurbished iPad from eBay, it is essential that you read the complete description before placing a bid. You need to watch out for the status of iPad’s, the seller’s rating and the seller’s return policy before purchasing an iPad. Remember, note down the cost of shipping and make the comparison with the final price of alternatives. At times, making a good deal on eBay comes up with a rather high price of shipping.

Similar to Amazon, eBay also provides warranty in case the product being shipped is broken.

Looking to make a good deal? The above are the finest places for purchasing refurbished iPads.

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