Tech entrepreneur Karan Bajaj: What it takes to become a Whitehat Jr Coding Educator

How The WhiteHat Jr Company Vets Its Coding Instructors

The WhiteHat Jr Company has more than 10,000 applications coming in every day for instructor positions. WhiteHat Jr only hires the top 1% of instructors. The company has made waves for promoting women in tech — all of the teachers are highly qualified women, and more than 80% of teachers are under the age of 35.

CEO Karan Bajaj recognizes that teachers don’t just have to know their material regarding coding. They also need to be able to foster a sense of inspiration and creativity in their students, helping little ones stay persistent when they’re working hard to learn something new.

The rapidly growing company works to ensure that all instructors meet its standards for excellence. Most teachers selected have backgrounds in coding, technology, math, science, and/or logic. Teachers are assigned to age levels based on prior knowledge and areas of expertise.

Teaching For The WhiteHat Jr Company: The Hiring Process

WhiteHat Jr sorts through applications daily, and carefully selects the resumes of instructors who may be a good fit for the company. After making it through the first selection process, applicants go through a phone interview with staff to further help the company decide if they fit as a coding instructor.

They are then evaluated on more than 20 parameters ranging from content knowledge, content delivery and soft skills such as student engagement, communication skills and the comfort factor in navigating through the platform to make the in-class experience is as smooth as possible

If an applicant completes the phone interview and it’s decided that they should move forward in the hiring process, they have to complete three teaching demos. Before completing the demos applicants undergo thorough training to ensure they are finding the best teachers. The demo process allows WhiteHat Jr to carefully select instructors who have on-paper qualifications and the on-screen personality required to help children get enthusiastic about learning how to code.

After A Teacher Is Hired, What Happens?

When WhiteHat Jr hires a new teacher, the teacher gains access to the company’s learning management system (LMS). Through the LMS, teachers take several hours of course training designed by multiple experts instructing them in curriculum training, platform training, and more. The classes required for each teacher are appropriate for their level of experience and education.

At the company, teachers are consistently rated on performance, and management is informed of any issues. The class reviews are updated in real time on a dashboard that has been Certified by Ernst and Young which is featured on their website for everyone to see. A focus on continuous improvement is at the heart of everything the company stands for as leaders in the online education space.

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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