Taylor Swift’s beef with Scooter Braun rages on, calls him toxic

Taylor Swift has had an amazing decade and has just been recently awarded with the Billboard Woman of the Decade award but is still in the midst of beefing with Scooter Braun.

Taylor had her birthday yesterday in the Billboard Women in Music event, Taylor was presented the award by Jameela Jamil. Swift goes on to start her acceptance speech talking about her humble beginnings and answered the question ‘what does it mean to be the woman of the decade’ by sharing that to her it means that she was just twenty years old when the decade began and that her breakthrough album was released when she was only sixteen. The singer then went on saying that even in the early stages of her career, she was treated a little bit different because she was a woman.

Swift then explained how the criticism towards her and her music was the fuel she needed and used to create art. The singer stated that she saw that a lot of people had the propensity of rationalizing women’s success in the music industry which was the reason she changed after this realization.

The young music icon also shared that while all the criticism and hate-fueled her work, she was put in a nonstop cycle of correction just to satisfy her detractors which led the singer to explain how she wasn’t the only female artist who has done this in the music industry.

Swift explained that in the last ten years, she has seen women get criticized and quantified and pitted against each other for their physical appearance and personal lives. The singer went on to praise some of the other women in the music scene that she loves like Lana Del Rey, Camila Cabello, Halsey, among others and has acknowledged her female peers’ hard work and dedication to rise up.

After the praise for her female co-artists, Swift then went after Scooter Braun saying that as the resident loud person, she felt that she needed to bring the issue with Braun up and criticized how the unjust world of private equity snatching up music like real estate, which happened to her without her approval or consent.

The award-winning singer has explained before her gripes with Braun and his label, adding that the music mogul never got in contact with her or her people to discuss the situation before the sale nor did they announce it and claimed that Braun knew how she was going to feel.

She also said she was still surprised that people are still supporting Braun and said that he was the definition of male toxic privilege in the music industry where people say that Braun has always been nice to other people while Swift was putting to light valid concerns about other artists’ rights to own their own music.


Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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