Taylor Swift to allegedly pay off Kesha’s million-dollar legal bill

Kesha lost her legal battle with Dr. Luke, accruing a massive legal bill but Taylor Swift apparently has her back on the situation.

The New York judge presiding the legal battle ruling in favor of Dr. Luke, the alleged abuser of Kesha and has defamed him. After over a decade of legal proceedings, a judge from the New York Supreme Court had come to the ruling that Kesha has defamed Dr. Luke via a text of Kesha to Lady Gaga stating that he also sexually abused Katy Perry.

In the court’s ruling, the presiding judge said that Perry denied the claim, saying that there was no evidence that Luke Gottwald sexually harassed Perry or that Perry’s testimony should not have weight. The claims made by Kesha about Dr. Luke raping her wasn’t resolved, with the New York court not being able to come to a conclusion with their decision whether who they should believe regarding the matter, leading to the fact that the jury made the final decision based on the legal documents.

The fallout sees Kesha needing to pay Dr. Luke a whopping $374,000 in delayed royalties. The initial payment doesn’t even come close to the additional legal fees when she filed her claims back in 2014.

The interesting part of the news here is that an anonymous blogger and lawyer who is behind the Crazy Days And Nights blog said that Taylor Swift has allegedly stepped up to pay off all of Kesha’s legal fees. Taylor and Kesha were Gossip-Girled on an undisclosed blog that states an A+ list singer is covering all the legal fees and damages that an A- list singer has been ordered to serve. The blog also alluded that the A-lister would go bankrupt if they paid if themselves.

The anonymous source also disclosed that all of the fees and damages racked up over a million dollars, that will allegedly be covered by Swift completely. Take note that there hasn’t been any official word on the matter and Swift’s team has yet to confirm nor deny the claims and the validity of the news.

The whole thing does fit Taylor’s M.O., discreetly helping out whenever she can, and given that she had already helped Kesha’s court case a few years ago.

When Kesha was denied an injunction that would have let her make music outside her record label, a representative from Swift’s team released a statement saying that Taylor has donated a quarter-million dollars in support of Kesha’s predicament during the time.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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