Demi Lovato says her eating disorder led to her drug overdose in 2018

Demi Lovato bared her past eating disorder and how it was the reason behind her life-threatening overdose back in 2018.

In an interview with Ashley Graham in the Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham podcast, Lovato opened up about her past struggles and is finally in a place where she no longer wants to compromise her mental health to be able to look a specific way.

In the podcast, Graham and Lovato discussed everything from Demi’s struggles, their careers and almost anything under the sun. The singer-songwriter shared that she’s currently focusing on acceptance when it comes to her body instead of spending copious amounts of time in the gym. Lovato revealed that she would work out after every meal, even going so far that she would have business meetings while in the gym, fearing that she would miss a workout.

The singer-actress said that she thought that the past few years was about recovering from an eating disorder when in reality she’s completely falling into the predicament.

Lovato was candid about most things in the podcast, revealing that she would push herself to unhealthy lengths, putting up a mask that led to her near-fatal overdose back in 2018. She talked about her road to recovery and how she’s focused on working with people to help her in every step towards having a better life for herself, employing a therapist and a dietician.

Demi also emphasized one of the most important pieces of advice that her dietician gave her; focus more on body acceptance rather than body positivity, which is what most people preach these days, but Lovato revealed that as much as she adheres to it, she has had difficulty in implementing it herself. What she tries to do now is to overcome the negativity which is a very powerful message.

The reason why it works for her is that she expresses her gratitude for her health and that leads to expressing her reality in accepting herself instead of convincing herself regarding something that she doesn’t believe. The singer added that she would love to be in a place where she can be very confident and comfortable with her body, which she is not at the moment.

The ‘Anyone’ singer also shared that she feels liberated after not weighing herself on a scale. Lovato revealed that she doesn’t know what her current weight is at the moment, which is a somewhat positive thing since in the past she would know her weight down to the specific numbers. The singer has obviously come a long way in her recovery and is currently and successfully working through her personal issues which is a good sign for her fans.

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