Take the fun outdoors: 6 great games for backyard playtime

Having fun with your friends is always great, regardless of your age. While there are numerous video and board games out there, there are a lot of outdoor alternatives as well. In case you have a big backyard and like to invite people over, go ahead and get informed about great outdoor games that you can surprise your friends with. The text below will introduce you with some new games for the backyard while reminding you about some classics as well.


Photo: Cfarnsworth, Pixabay

This classic outdoor game was played on almost every household lawn or college campus for many decades. It would be hard to find a person that never played it in their life, so go ahead and get your own Cornhole set.

Make sure to find the one with the smooth surface, so bean bags can easily slide toward the hole. This game is very affordable, and your friends will be happy to see it and play it once again. It doesn’t take too much space, so go ahead and get it regardless of the size of your backyard.

Giant Jenga

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Another indoor classic has its doppelganger designed for open space, and you should get it and surprise your loved ones. Everybody has played Jenga at least once in their life, so you won’t need to explain the rules.

This huge version of Jenga starts with 19 levels of timbers and can grow over 5 feet during the game. A great thing about this game is that you can easily play it indoor as well, just make sure to replace everything fragile around the playing area.


Spikeball is similar to volleyball. Photo: FsHH, Pixabay

If you are a Shark Tank fan, you’ve probably seen this version of volleyball and are already interested in buying it for your backyard. As suggested, this game is similar to volleyball, except it doesn’t need the big net.

The Spikeball set has a circle shaped net which stands between the two-member teams who are trying to bounce the ball past the opponent. Pretty simple but very intense game that will make you sweat, and it’s a great solution for small backyards.

Ladder toss game

Photo: Myrox, Bigstock

You may have heard about this game under the different name since it has many. Some of the most popular names of this exciting game are ladderball, upright horseshoes, ladder golf etc. Either way, this game is a great solution for your backyard gaming arsenal. The rules are pretty straightforward.

You need to toss two balls that are connected with a string, on a first, second or a third bar. Bars carry points from 1 to 3 and the first team that reaches 21 wins. This is a great family activity, so don’t hesitate and start playing ladderball.


Photo: Sonnenruby, Pixabay

Another great backyard game that will make you exercise is Kanjam. This game is not that physically demanding, as Spikeball might be, but will make you tired for sure. The great thing about this game is that it is almost free.

In order to play it, you’ll need just a couple of cans and a frisbee. The goal of the Kanjam is to toss the frisbee back and forth, targeting your opponent’s barrel. As you can see, even a simple game of frisbee can turn into something competitive and super fun.

Giant chess

Giant chess
Photo: Mariamichelle, Pixabay

This game was invented almost 1500 years ago in India, and it looks like it’s going to remain popular as long as humans inhabit the Earth. Everybody knows the rules of this ancient game, and you probably played at least one match so far. This version of chess is huge and it can be placed in your backyard, so you can play it under clear skies.

Of course, it would be great that you get informed about the dimensions of a giant chess set, so you can install it without issues. You should also search for a set that is lightweight, waterproof, and basically resistant to bad weather, so you don’t have to move it once the summer is over.

Final thoughts

Backyard games and activities are something everybody enjoys, and some healthy competition will bring you closer to your friends and family. That’s the reason why you should invest in a couple of backyard games that can be played every time you invite guests. The games described above are a great way to animate your loved ones, so go ahead and get yourself some of them.

Bobby Gorman
Bobby Gorman
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