Steps to follow while installing aluminium shutters for your home

The shutters are extremely important and very beneficial for any kind of home. They are durable and resistant to the extreme weather conditions. They can also be installed very easily.

Their maintenance part is also easy to manage and hence have become a popular choice. But, while selecting shutters for your home, you have to follow certain instructions. Let us have a look at few of them.

1. Window measurements

The first and most important step while selecting top quality aluminum shutters is to check for the window measurements. This means that you should ensure that the window fits into the hole perfectly.

You should double check the length and the height of the window. The fit should be perfect and must add to the overall shutter plans.

2. Leveling is important

The size of the aluminum window is also very important. When you are going to install it, make sure you have enough people to help out or else it will lead to a sub-par job.

The top quality aluminum shutters are easy to operate and need less time to install. Make sure there is someone backing up so that the shutter doesn’t fall anywhere else. This should ensure the leveling is perfect.

3. Keep a track on the leveling

Once the window shutter is placed and leveling is done, do a double and triple check on leveling. If the level is not proper, then it has to be raised or lowered.

When it comes to top quality aluminum shutters, some may lift the entire window frame, but that doesn’t work most often. Hence it is advisable to use packer and make the level flat.

4. Drill holes

Make sure there are holes that are drilled into the wall. For this, the frame has to stay intact with the wall. After that drill three screws that are attached to one side of the wall.

When one side is attached, there is no need for any other tips to get the whole window to be attached fully. This is quite easy when it comes to top quality aluminum shutters.

5. Check for gaps

Just before the final side is attached, you should also cross-check the gaps between wall and window frames. When you find gaps, make sure you put packers and fill the gap.

Also, the screws should be drilled into it. After that, the packers should be snapped off and the whole window should be attached nicely.

In short, the step by step procedures can be summarised as below:

  • Start by holding the header track above the window and the bottom is in flush with the opening of the window.
  • Add one screw near the header’s center and add the remaining screws later.
  • When it comes to selecting top quality aluminum shutters, make sure the shutter is pressed tight to the wall and used carefully.
  • If the track is not channeled properly, make sure you have drilled enough holes for them to pass.
  • The aluminum shutter’s panel has to be pressed against the house wall. This has to be done carefully.
  • After this, the second shutter has to be put in place. But as the owner, you should cross check that it does not overlap the first one. Wingnuts have to installed with great care and slowly all the panels should be added.

These step by step procedures are mandatory for installing the window shutters all by yourself. Make sure you are selecting top quality aluminum shutters and plan things accordingly.

Always have a rough idea of how it has to be done and then follow the procedures as explained above. It will make things easy and your house will have a clean and aesthetic look.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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