Stella Bulochnikov suing Mariah Carey for sexual harassment

The ex-manager of singer Mariah Carey is now suing the singer for sexual harassment after being fired last year.

Mariah Carey is now facing a lawsuit after her ex-manager filed a sexual harassment complaint whilst stating that Carey violated the US Civil Rights Act and the Fair Employment and Housing Act as well breaching their contract.

Stella Bulochnikov filed the suit on Friday in New York. She claimed that Mariah Carey was regularly naked in front of her and that she also had a problem with substance abuse. In addition, the former manager is seeking damages in response to being fired whilst in the middle of a three-year contract.

It has been made clear that those on Mariah Carey’s team are willing to fight against the pending claims saying that they are “frivolous and baseless” and that they will launch a “vigorous and successful” defence.

It was last year that Mariah Carey and Stella Bulochnikov parted ways saying that it was in their “mutual best interests to part ways on day-to-day management.” The statement also highlighted the success that the pair has had together and that they will continue to remain partners in a number of business ventures”.

It had previously been said that the firing of Stella Bulochnikov as manager had been anything but “amicable” with one insider previously reporting that the former manager wasn’t happy because Mariah Carey was “getting legitimate people” to do her work instead of a failed comedian.

It was only a few days after the two parted ways that reports came out about an apparent one-sided relationship between Carey and her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka stating that he was “running her life”. As early as 2016 a source said that “Stella (Bulochnikov) is the furthest thing from a manager” and that it was simply the length of the relationship that now made it difficult for Mariah Carey as her, now ex, manager has “so much stuff on her”.

This lawsuit comes quickly after it was revealed by Carey that she has previously battled bipolar II disorder in fear of her condition being exposed by others. She said that keeping the condition a secret was simply “too heavy a burden to carry” and that she has now “sought and received treatment” and managed to return to doing what she loved being music.

The impending lawsuit is likely to add more drama to the famed singer’s career having previously dated high-profile individuals and been involved in her fair share of Hollywood scandals.

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