Rachel McAdams has given birth to a baby boy

It appears that Rachel McAdams has managed to do what almost no one else in Hollywood has managed to do and that is keeping a pregnancy secret.

Reports coming out of the US say that McAdams has recently given birth to a boy after she was spotted carrying a newborn baby with her boyfriend Jamie Linden.

It is well known that Rachel McAdams wants to keep her relationship out of the spotlight as much as possible but to keep a pregnancy a secret for nine months is seriously impressive. With the constant sight of paparazzi, it is hard to believe that she did it.

However, the About Time actress has actively avoided the spotlight over the last few months likely choosing to stay local and not venture too far into town so as to provoke the opportunity for the media.

McAdams and her partner have never been seen at a red carpet event together as they avoid the pressures of a Hollywood relationship.

Such was the commitment to keeping the baby a secret, Rachel McAdams missed the February premiere of her latest movie Game Night, a dark comedy about a group of friends whose game night turns into a real-life mystery. It was this absence that began rumours about her expecting a baby.

Reports first circled when US entertainment magazine E! released an article saying that Rachel McAdams looked curvier than normal but that it was hard to tell as she was regularly wearing large coats and strategically placing her handbag.

However, the pregnancy itself is no major shock as the Mean Girls star has always been open and honest about her desire to have children if she found the right person. In 2010 McAdams said that part of her “is very attached to the idea of having children…It’ll depend on if I find the right person.”

Rachel McAdams has previously dated Ryan Gosling from 2004 to 2008 before moving on to Michael Sheen. This relationship ended in 2013. The rumours surrounding her relationship with Linden only came about in 2016. This may seem like a quickly progressing relationship but due to the nature of their Hollywood appearances it is difficult to know when the two officially started going out.

Other than the baby’s gender, which many are reporting was only known to the couples upon the baby being born, there have been no other details released to the media regarding the birth of McAdam’s and Linden’s child.

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