Spain’s bull run results in two fatalities within two weeks

This year’s series of bull runs held in areas across Spain has led to two deaths in less than two weeks. The most recent being a man nearly decapitated by a bull at one of the events held in central Spain. This made him the second casualty killed at a bull fest in the country.

Local officials say the incident occurred in Horche located north-east of Madrid 35 miles away. According to emergency response services, the gored unnamed man was 82-year-old and suffered deadly blows on his stomach and thigh.

Medical officers attempted to take the man to a hospital nearby via an ambulance but he was declared dead several hours after his arrival. Local news outlets reported that the man was not a participant, but a bystander watching the event from a distance.

“I only saw the man when he was already on the ground, but it was awful,” Juan Manuel Moral, mayor of Horche town, told the local press.

Despite the gruesome death, the town pushed through with its scheduled bull runs on Tuesday and Wednesday. The annual festival continues on.

In a separate incident on August 29, a 62-year-old man suffered deathly injuries after being gored by a bull in the neck and chest. This took place at a bull run in central Spain’s Cuéllar.

The country of Spain is famous for its yearly bull runs, with events held across towns and villages across the country during summer. The controversial festivals are held in honor of the catholic patron saints.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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