13-year-old helps solve 1992 missing person mystery with a GoPro

A teenager from Canada found a vehicle submerged in a lake in Canada in August. Now, his discovery has led to the resolution of a 27-year-old missing person case.

13-year-old Max Werenka happened to come across the vehicle while he was boating on Revelstoke, British Columbia’s Griffin Lake. His mother, Nancy Werenka who runs a cabin renting business nearby, told CNN.

His family at first assumed that the submerged car was from an incident back in 2009 when a vehicle crashed into the lake. While they didn’t think much of it, the family mentioned it to an officer who, by chance, visited their area the day after.

“We told him about the vehicle in the lake and said, ‘why would they not have removed this car?'” Nancy recalled. Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer answered “’Well, they did. What are you talking about?'”

Intrigued by the vehicle, the Revelstoke RCMP went out on a boat to see the car himself on August 21. However, it was difficult to see much of the devastated vehicle underwater. Wanting to help out, Max took his GoPro and took a dive into the water to capture footage of the car.

Three days after that, authorities returned with a tower to recover an old Honda Accord along with a woman’s body inside. She was identified as Janet Farris from Mill Bay, British Columbia. She had gone missing during the fall of 1992 while she was driving on the way to a wedding held in Alberta, as reported by CBC news.

Now, her family is relieved that one of their biggest mysteries has finally been solved.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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