South Korean ambassador says Kim Jong-Un is “trustworthy” and “sincere”

Lee Baeksoon, the South Korean ambassador to Australia has said that Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea, is both “trustworthy” and “very sincere” in enacting a denuclearisation agreement.

At the historic summit between the USA and North Korea in Singapore, Mr Kim promised to work towards the total denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. The North Korean leader had also made a similar promise to South Korean President Moon Jae-in in April.

While North Korea has been known not to honour such agreements in the past, Mr Lee has said that North Korea is sincere about this attempt. He said that North Korea has good reasons to cooperate with the denuclearisation process.

Mr Lee went on to say that North Korea desired the lifting of economic sanctions against it as well as foreign assistance to “revive their economy”. He said that the thought North Korea would be “very faithful” in meeting their end of the bargain.

Me Lee also said that after meeting Mr Kim in person, both President Donald Trump and President Moon Jae found him to be “a trustworthy person”. He said that given enough breathing room, North Korea would honour its denuclearisation agreement.

During the signing ceremony at the Singapore summit, Mr Trump said that the “whole relationship” on the Korean Peninsula was going to be “very different”. Mr Trump also expressed a desire to put a halt on wargames between South Korea and the USA, even suggesting a desire to bring US troops stationed in South Korea back home.

Mr Lee however said that it was still unknown whether or not the wargames would be cancelled or suspended. He said that “there could be some scale down” of the planned military exercises or an “adjustment of timing” but that nothing had been decided yet.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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