Six-year-old YouTube sensation turns millionaire

Sampling kids toys has earned six-year old YouTuber, Ryan, an unbelievable $14.6 million over the past 12 months. Not only is Ryan financially stable for the ripe old age of six, but he has also earned an accreditation as one of YouTube’s top earners for 2017.

Ryan is the owner of the famous YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview, which features the youngster testing various kids toys. The channel has compiled an enormous network throughout the past couple of years, with over ten million subscribers following the boys’ sampling journey.

World’s Highest-Paid YouTube Stars List

The viral power of the internet landed Ryan in the incredible position he is today, with a video of him opening a Lightning McQueen egg taking off in July 2015. The video launched his Youtube career into an illustrious frenzy, placing him tied eighth for the World’s Highest-Paid YouTube Stars 2017 list.

The eighth ranking was shared with YouTube channel, Smosh. It is an American sketch comedy channel, created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. The videos act as an extension of the group’s previously established website, with the channel generating a following of over 22.7 million people.

Ryan’s channel

Ryan has been unequivocally supported by his parents throughout the process. The couple produces and shares Ryan’s videos on a frequent basis, helping with the technical aspects that a six year old may struggle to handle alone.

The videos have received over eight billion views worldwide, with both kids and adults loving the entertainment and informative value of his content.

People are constantly looking for advice and information from independent parties to help with purchasing decisions. So with the rising demand for various online feedback and consumer platforms, it is unsurprising that Ryan’s sampling channel has been a hit. However, the extent of his success could never have been anticipated.


YouTube is an incredible interactive platform that has thrived in today’s digital world. The site generated $169 million for the financial year ended June 2017, with bloggers such as Ryan helping to fuel the platform’s ongoing success.

Since YouTube’s establishment in 2005, its popularity has grown exponentially. Despite its unbelievable success, the social media site’s growth only appears to be increasing, with research suggesting that the top earners’ income has improved by 80% from last year.

Ryan’s toy testing channel has absolutely thrived. Its ability to provide reviews of children’s toys, by a child, offers authentic feedback that hasn’t been available on this scale before.

The internet has created new revenue opportunities for people in a way that was unimaginable before. A six-year-old millionaire emphasises the changing structure of our society and the possibilities that now exist.

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Talia Williamson
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