Connecting through music: How one singer and songwriter, India Dupriez, continues to blossom

Listening to music is therapeutic. It’s one of the best ways to boost your mood, naturally relieve stress, and ease your mind after a long day. The right songs are relaxing to the ears and allow listeners to connect on a different level. It’s the reason millions of people tune in to the radio or their favorite music streaming app to listen to hundreds of different songs at their convenience.

For one singer and songwriter, India Dupriez, creating music that people can relate to and enjoy is most important. At only 18, she’s on the journey of a lifetime while headed down the path to becoming one of the leading names in pop music. Her beautiful voice and the meaningful lyrics in each song she’s created have made it easy for her to get the recognition she deserves in the industry. Although labeled a pop artist, India Dupriez has a diverse voice and versatile range to create incredible melodies. In addition, her prodigious talent caught the attention of Symba Music Group and she has been in California to record with major producers in the industry, including those who’ve worked with Justin Bieber.

“My passion lies in making unique music. I want to write incredible songs and create melodies that are therapeutic to the ears. My goal is to get people to feel like they can connect with what they hear in my songs and feel good because of them,” says Dupriez. “I don’t believe in following what everyone else is doing, and I believe that’s what makes my music so unique. I don’t want to be like other amazing music artists. Instead, I want to be myself and make music that people will love listening to.”

Despite her young age, she has already earned numerous accolades for her creative songwriting and sensational voice. “I hope that my music inspires others and shows them that it’s okay to be different and believe in themselves. I want people to know they can follow their dreams, just like I’m doing right now,” says Dupriez. “Nothing is too far out of reach. I may be young and still have a lot of growing to do, but I know what I want in life, and I’m going for it. While my music is different, I’m confident people can resonate with it. I plan to continue making music and hope that listeners will get as excited about each release as I do!”

India Dupriez has a newly released song titled “Pray.” The song reflects India’s experiences with people in her life, including friends, her father, and men, knowing she can’t necessarily count on these people but can always rely on herself to get on bended knees and pray. It’s a beautiful song with a genuine meaning behind it that many people can relate to and enjoy when they hear it.

If you’d like to listen to Pray and other songs by India Dupriez, you can download her music on Spotify. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram to watch her on an incredible journey in the music industry.

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