Shannen Doherty honors Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Luke Perry

Beverly Hills 90210 star Shannen Doherty says she returned to the show’s reboot in honor of her late co-star and former on-screen love interest, Luke Perry.

Doherty revealed Perry as the reason why she reprised her iconic role as Brenda Walsh in the reunion series, BH90210. Speaking to ET on the set of the show she says:

“I wasn’t attached [before Perry’s death]… and it wasn’t long after he passed that I finally was like, ‘OK, yes,'” Doherty revealed. “I thought it was going to do well with or without me, to be honest. For me, replaying Brenda was something I said I wouldn’t do twice and I’ve replayed her now twice, so I guess I could never say I’m never going to do something again because I end up doing it.”

The television actress is also paying tribute to Perry by appearing in the teen show that re-introduced the actor to a new generation, Riverdale. She spoke of Perry’s impact on the 90’s television show saying “he was one of the most important parts of 90210.”

“For me, I felt like it was honoring him and his memory and what he meant to the audience and the fans and to all of us,” she said. “As his on-set family, I felt like it was an important time for all of us to come together to honor him.”

Doherty also revealed that the reunion show will address the late actor’s absence on the first episode of the series.

“The first episode very much deals with it,” she said. “Luke was such a sort of quiet, subtle, yet dynamic human being that he had a very strong and lasting impact on people. So, naturally, we would have to deal with it.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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