Cristin Milioti snags lead role in HBO Max series Made for Love

Cristin Milioti is set to star in her own show for HBO Max’s Made for Love. The half-hour straight-to-series show is adapted from Alissa Nutting’s novel of the same name. Milioti’s acting credits list How I Met Your Mother, Wolf of Wall Street and Netflix’s Black Mirror.

The adaptation will be from Patrick Somerville, known for Maniac and The Leftovers, along with Paramount TV. Director S.J. Clarkson who is also currently working on the Game of Thrones prequel known so far as The Long Night will helm the series and executive produce.

Made for Love’s book summary from Goodreads is as follows:

“Hazel has just moved into a trailer park of senior citizens, with her father and Diane—his extremely lifelike sex doll—as her roommates. Life with Hazel’s father is strained at best, but her only alternative seems even bleaker. She’s just run out on her marriage to Byron Gogol, CEO, and founder of Gogol Industries, a monolithic corporation hell-bent on making its products and technologies indispensable in daily life. For over a decade, Hazel put up with being veritably quarantined by Byron in the family compound, her every movement and vital sign tracked. But when he demands to wirelessly connect the two of them via brain chips in a first-ever human “mind-meld,” Hazel decides what was once merely irritating has become unbearable. The world she escapes into is a far cry from the dry and clinical bubble she’s been living in, a world populated with a whole host of deviant oddballs.”

GQ hailed the novel best book of 2017 along with The New Yorker and NPR. Somerville will reportedly write the adaptation and take the role of showrunner.

Ben Hornery
Ben Hornery
Ben is is a senior journalist and sport columnist for Best in Australia. He previously worked for the BC and other radio stations.
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