Obsessed Ariana Grande fan busted after breaking into her home

Celebrities coming into contact with the occasional creepy and obsessed fans isn’t really something new but it does become a huge concern when said ‘superfan’ is able to make his way into your front door.

An obsessed fan was able to find a way to make it past all the security and into the front door of Ariana Grande’s Los Angeles home at around 2 pm last Saturday and asked to see the pop star.

TMZ reported that their law enforcement sources said that a young man in his 20s appeared in Ariana’s home but the singer’s property manager told the intruder than she wasn’t home at that moment. The young man refused to leave the property until the authorities showed up.

Sources say that it was uncertain on how the intruder was able to bypass all the property’s security measures for him to be able to make his way to the house itself. The intruder also spat on one of the arresting police officers while he was being apprehended.

TMZ also reported that their sources said the intruder left a love letter for Ariana that had directions to her house. The intruder was arrested for trespassing, misdemeanor and felony battery for the spitting incident while he was being arrested.

The incident came nearly a month after someone ringed 911 saying that they heard gunshots fired on the singer’s property. This led to a small police unit being sent to Ariana’s crib in the afternoon and was swatted in the process. Sources said that the LAPD was skeptical since the singer has fallen victim to being swatted before but decided to send someone over to be sure.

The news came after the pop star urged her fans to practice social distancing and to stay home to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. One might assume that this was the reason why the intruder thought that Ariana was at home and that he could see her. Ariana has yet to address this incident but this didn’t stop fans from sharing their opinions about the home intrusion.

Twitter didn’t disappoint as people chimed in, from saying that how the guy thought he would be able to see her just for him to end up in a Chris Hansen (To Catch a Predator) episode, to someone clowning the guy into thinking that the singer would ‘heat up a pop tart and sharing it with him’.

Ariana is presumably in her New York City residence and is practicing social distancing procedures given that she was stern and vocal about implementing the said protocol.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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