Salma Hayek talks story behind “impulsively” hugging Eminem

Eminem was pretty stoked about finally performing “Lose Yourself” at the Oscars 17 years after it won an Academy Award for Best Original Song back in 2003. But that’s not all that went his way on the night of the 92nd Academy Awards. Aside from accomplishing the surprise performance, Eminem was excited about getting to hug screen siren, Salma Hayek.

When asked by Variety if he enjoyed performing on the Dolby Theatre stage, he replied
“Absolutely. I got to hug Salma Hayek!”

To add humorous context behind that moment between the rapper and the Academy Award-nominee, Hayek herself shared the story behind it. The actress posted a couple of photos of what went down backstage. In the caption, she wrote: “In these pictures it might look like @Eminem and I are best friends. But what really happened is as he was walking offstage and I was getting ready to walk onstage, I was so shocked to see him that I spilled water all over him.”


“If you examine our faces, I look mortified and he looks terrified of me,” the “Like A Boss” star continued. “As I was trying to wipe it off I impulsively hugged him and I said ‘Nice to meet you Eminem- I’m a HUGE fan!’ because I AM!”

Hayek then admitted that she felt embarrassed about making a fool of herself while meeting the rapper. But she later found out after reading Variety’s article that as it turns out, Eminem didn’t really mind. Don’t beat yourself up Salma! He was just as excited to see you as you were to see him.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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