Katy Perry talks dealing with negativity

Katy Perry isn’t letting negative energy from anyone bring her down. The 35-year-old songstress’ best advice to handle negativity is to spend some valuable me-time. This is something that she believes is a way to develop confidence in your talents.

“I believe in therapy, I believe in meditation, I believe in self-care, I believe in taking stillness of my time,” the “Never Really Over” singer shared with reporters at a promotional event for the next season of American Idol. The star will be returning to judge the televised singing competition with Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan in the upcoming season of the hit ABC series.

The pop music artist that “being able to sift [through] what’s real” between what detractors are saying is a key element in making a difference for yourself.


When it comes to the best advice she’s received about handling the haters, Perry recalled some wisdom that someone shared to her:

“Something someone told me that changed my life is that nobody can ever make you believe something about yourself that you don’t already believe about yourself.”

“So if someone says you’re ‘a fat, ugly bitch’ and it affects you, do you think about yourself that way? So get to the bottom of that,” Perry explained.

On top of that, she says that “having a great support system” that you can get from your family or friends necessary in helping you cope. Perry notes that at a time when trolls can easily get through or heads, especially with social media, we need to make sure that we strive for emotional stability.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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