Roku makes Wi-Fi extender to address streaming reliability issues

Roku is reportedly making Roku Relay, a Wi-Fi extender used to increase the reach of wireless connections within the home and improve streaming reliability.

The media device company has not made an official announcement about the new device as it is currently undergoing trials with third party users according to The Verge.

Roku Relay is designed as a small white gadget that users can plug into a power outlet as it rests alongside the wall. While the nifty gadget is designed to be used alongside other Roku devices; there is no confirmation whether it can be connected to other devices.

Roku will reportedly market Relay as an extension of Roku players as it is installed between the router and television. While trials are ongoing, the product is not expected to launch soon. According to Bloomberg, the media device company has not decided whether or not to release the product.

Speaking to The Verge, a spokesperson for Roku said that the company does not “comment on rumors or speculation.”

The company, which originally offers streaming media players, has recently made a step to expand beyond its signature product. In 2018, the company rolled out wireless speakers made for use with Roku television sets. As of yet, the company hasn’t moved further towards venturing into other device markets.

If Relay is officially launched, the Wi-Fi extender would be Roku’s second device outside streaming sticks, boxes and TVs.

Aside from selling streaming devices, Roku is supported by ads, subscriptions, and services. “That’s not paid for by the hardware. That’s paid for by our ad and content business,” CEO Anthony Wood previously told The Verge.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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