Rod Stewart and son Sean faces criminal battery charges

Rod Stewart’s 2020 is shaping up a little bit terribly. He and his son are facing criminal battery charges because of a New Year’s Eve altercation at a posh hotel.

TMZ reported that the British rock icon and most of his family were holding New Year’s Eve festivities at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. According to TMZ’s reports, Jessie Dixon, security personnel who was working at the event at the hotel said he saw a group of people trying to get into the area without consent.

Dixon notified the authorities that the group became really loud and didn’t listen when they were asked to leave the area. The security personnel then said Sean, Rod’s son, got in his face, resulting in the guard putting his hand on Sean’s chest to signal for him to back off. Dixon said the man shoved him afterward and that the musician himself got into it, hitting Dixon in his ribs.

Police reports indicated that there is footage of the incident and that the cops said it was clear as day that Rod and his son were the aggressive party. The musician then spoke with the police and apologized for the incident, stating that Dixon was being contentious on the situation that got them upset.

A TMZ video caught up with Sean, asking the rock icon’s son for a comment. Sean said that he and his father will be exonerated in the case. Sean said that he stuck up for his loved ones, which his father instilled in him when he was young and added that the truth will prevail. He also mentioned that Dixon was being aggressive during the incident which prompted them to act the way they did.

PEOPLE obtained an affidavit stating that Rod and son Sean are scheduled to appear at the Palm Beach County Complex this February. A source close to the situation mentioned that it was a misunderstanding and that the father and son Stewart were not apprehended, in which the source also added that both parties apologized to one another.

Another anonymous source told People that Stewart’s group was being troublesome and loud all night prior to the incident and akin it to a college frat party, describing that the group grew very rowdy as the night passed.

PEOPLE tried to get the resort’s side but they just stated that they have no information to share.


Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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