Highly-anticipated movie sequels not a lot of people are talking about

When it comes to sequels or films being turned into franchises just because the first movie was a financial success does not mean that it should be turned into a franchise, nor need a sequel. This is the reason whenever a sequel to a film is announced disregarding content like Star Wars (heck, even that has its cons), people both in real life and especially on the internet will have mixed reactions to it. It has been a norm now for successful movies to have the three-film formula. A movie becomes a hit, it automatically will get a sequel to matter how much the director or the company that produced it says ‘no’.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There have been a lot of films that had good sequels, but still, there are more half-decent to bad sequels that dominate the film market that even if a promising sequel is announced, people become aversive towards it due to the bad taste that other sequels left in everybody’s mouths. With that said, here are some possibly upcoming sequels that we think are worth being hyped by if they don’t hit any more roadblocks. I mean, there is still a big margin for failure to satisfy us, given that these are mostly big franchises of their own right, but who knows? At least these sequels are actually from franchises that most of us love.

Space Jam 2

The sequel to Michael Jordan’s 90s Space Jam has long been overdue and now Lebron will be starring as himself to try and capture the magic that made this unlikely crossover succeed and pretty much launch R Kelly’s career. Other NBA players set to appear in this sequel are Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, and Kyle Kuzma along with a few WNBA players like Chiney Ogwumike, Nneka Ogwumike, and Diana Taurasi.

The Expendables 4

Oh yes, the B-movie popcorn extravaganza that is The Expendables. I mean, if you’re looking for something deep and has layers in it, this isn’t the film franchise for you. But if you want Michael Bay-esque explosions and action well, you’ll be excited when this goes into full production. Sly has hinted that he has finally pinpointed the story that he wants the fourth installment of this franchise’s direction. So get pumped for more muscles, guns, explosions, and kinda-sorta old action stars mixed with current action stars to not make them feel geriatric.

The Matrix 4

The fourth installment of this widely popular franchise is set to be premiered next year, 2021 and we can’t wait to see Keanu in another non-John Wick action sci-fi adventure. Oh, and did you know he was spotted eating ice cream yesterday in Alameda? That probably doesn’t make sense but nonetheless, how can you not be pumped to go see Matrix 4?

Indiana Jones 5


Indy 5 was supposed to be released last year back in July, over a decade after the last Indiana Jones movie was premiered in cinemas. This wasn’t the case though, as it was pushed back supposedly this July, but ultimately was pushed another year, July of next year. It’s still up in the air since there have been heaps of issues stemming from the production side of things. Nevertheless, we’re still stoked on what direction will Disney take with the fifth installment and who will they surround Harrison Ford in cast-wise.

Kill Bill Volume 3

Honestly, it would be AMAZING if they actually confirmed Volume 3, but we all know that Quentin Tarantino, an amazing director, and writer as he is, is also amazing at being a tease so I’ll suggest you don’t hold your breath. Tarantino even stated that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood might be his last film. I mean, he’s been saying that for years now but he keeps on coming back and hopefully he greenlights Kill Bill 3 so the newer generation can experience firsthand what film genius is all about.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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