Richard Gere to be honored by Camerimage with a special award

Richard Gere’s contributions to the film industry as an actor will be honored by the prestigious Camerimage Festival in Torun, Poland. The event held from November 9 to November 16 will recognize Gere’s work with the Special Award to an Actor.

EnergaCamerimage’s 27th edition draws together the world’s premiere cinematographers in one massive celebration of filmmaking. In a statement to Variety, the festival’s committee lauded Gere as “a charismatic and versatile performer of great charm and magnetic presence.” Organizers referenced his notable performances in Garry Marshall’s “Pretty Woman,” Taylor Hackford’s “An Officer and a Gentleman,” and Terrence Malick’s “Days of Heaven,” as per the entertainment outlet.

Cameraimage then described Gere’s acting career as “full of brave choices and unexpected projects,” referencing Paul Schrader’s “American Gigolo.” The Hollywood classic saw Gere take on the role of a male escort dragged into a murder investigation.

The statement further highlighted the variety of roles “in which he could truly shine through immersing himself in his characters.” The committee cited his performance in Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Cotton Club,” Sidney Lumet’s “Power,” and Mike Figgis’s “Internal Affairs.”

The actor was also praised for his work in activism. Gere is known for lobbying campaigns that tackle ecological issues, advocating for Aids awareness and defending the rights of indigenous people. The Golden Globe winner is also celebrated for his social work in poverty-stricken areas as he travels to refugee camps in Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Gere recently made headlines after Elton John mentioned an incident in his memoir involving a love triangle between him and Sylvester Stallone over Princess Diana.

Ben Hornery
Ben Hornery
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